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  1. u can be killed anywhere, thats not a safezone
  2. just saying.. Schedule says 8 am UTC which is 1.5 hour from now, but servers, are closed
  3. No need for that, in time we get the Blackstar weapon.. where u have to sacrifice 3 boss weapons in order to make.
  4. How about u make it, so tamer forward evasion, can be done with LT+LS'up+X… this doesent seem to intervene with any other skill, and is easy accessable..
  5. Logged in, this morning, wit no issues.. wanted to switch character, and it just stood there loading.. Then i shut the game down, and now it wont let me in again.. just standing still loading at server selection, and sometimes, it just say disconnected from servers.. Anyone els having problems?
  6. I would like to think, we get absolute skills before awakening.. On Pc they introduced it after awakening and it just dident catch on for real.. so imo give us absolute skills before awakening.
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