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  1. Bump, still recruiting. Just post in the discord with an @officer letting us know you are on xbox looking to join.
  2. Thinking of getting a ps4 for the game and wondering which system to get. If the regular non pro runs the game smoothly i am fine spending 300 for the system to avoid buying a pro. I was just wondering how many are running regular ps4 and whats the fps like? I know some lag is to be expected since my one x even gets it.
  3. Here is mine! Region NA Shai character name: Eluvianni Editted to add region and name since i forgot that lol
  4. Editted to update gathering skill
  5. Unforseen reasons came up. Deleting thread
  6. Try talking to all of the girls in that spot. One of them should have a drink to give to you. I sat there for a while staring at my inv trying to find it lol, then i talked to each of them amd a random one gave me some drink i had to use.
  7. Are you by chance trying to use your forum account? I did that before i realised i had to make a seperate account on the home page that you link to your game.
  8. Hey there everyone. So my wife and i have been playing the game basically non stop but we only bought the standard edition because we honestly didnt expect to enjoy the game this much and our value pack is gonna run out soon. We were looking and noticed the ultimate comes with a lot of great stuff totally worth more than the 100 you pay for it. We were wondering if we just buy that edition will we receive all of the stuff included in it? Edit: im not meaning to pay the difference for them or anything. We are willing to pay the full price for the ultimate editions to get the stuff.
  9. Well it looks like we are still getting them. 15 min ago they reposted, but took out the DK gameplay due to it showing some awakening footage lol.
  10. That is incrwdibly helpful. I guess my luck with it was just bad gonna have to start making more stones now. Thanks for the info!
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