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  1. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Here is mine! Region NA Shai character name: Eluvianni Editted to add region and name since i forgot that lol
  2. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Deleting thread

    Editted to update fishing skill
  3. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Deleting thread

    Editted to update gathering skill
  4. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Deleting thread

    Unforseen reasons came up. Deleting thread
  5. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Quest problem

    Try talking to all of the girls in that spot. One of them should have a drink to give to you. I sat there for a while staring at my inv trying to find it lol, then i talked to each of them amd a random one gave me some drink i had to use.
  6. xXxStarNinjaxXx


    Are you by chance trying to use your forum account? I did that before i realised i had to make a seperate account on the home page that you link to your game.
  7. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Can you "upgrade" your package?

    Hey there everyone. So my wife and i have been playing the game basically non stop but we only bought the standard edition because we honestly didnt expect to enjoy the game this much and our value pack is gonna run out soon. We were looking and noticed the ultimate comes with a lot of great stuff totally worth more than the 100 you pay for it. We were wondering if we just buy that edition will we receive all of the stuff included in it? Edit: im not meaning to pay the difference for them or anything. We are willing to pay the full price for the ultimate editions to get the stuff.
  8. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    New classes not coming next maintenance?

    Well it looks like we are still getting them. 15 min ago they reposted, but took out the DK gameplay due to it showing some awakening footage lol.
  9. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Questions on reforming

    That is incrwdibly helpful. I guess my luck with it was just bad gonna have to start making more stones now. Thanks for the info!
  10. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Questions on reforming

    Hey there everyone. I was trying to reform my stuff to blues since the ult stone isnt in the game yet from what ive read, and i was wondering is it a 100% chance to go blue? I tried using a t3 reform i made and my armor is still green. I tried looking up guides to help, and all i can find is information way ahead of us or stuff that just plain isnt helpful lol. If anyone has or knows of a guide that might help that would be great. Thanks!
  11. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    New classes not coming next maintenance?

    According to people that were in the game chat they said their was a twitch stream last night or something where they said they were delaying them... i havent been able to find it since i cant navigate twitch too well, so i was wondering if anyone else heard of/watched it?
  12. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Challenge rewards

    Where do we go to get our challenge rewards? I have been trying to figure it out by looking online, but to no success. Is there a specific vendor or something i have to go to? Thanks! Edit.... i feel really dumb lol. Didnt see the reward tab found it!
  13. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Never done a world boss before

    I was wondering how they work in a sense. If there is a guide/website i havent found one really that could make things easier. Mainly i was wondering if we fight them as a large group to deal damage or if they are individual instances for battling. Thanks!
  14. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Black Desert Version 1.3

    My wifes xbox had this issue. I had to delete the game and copy my version my my external to hers... it worked just fine after. Hopefully you wont habe to re-download
  15. xXxStarNinjaxXx

    Black Desert Version 1.3

    Since the outfit was fixed when will it be back in the store? Really want that outfit lol