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  1. Yeah I'm 478 but I'm no where near top 20. I have enough gear to hardly ever get ganked. But the top 20ish geared people make it painfully obvious I have a long way to go. I just have half my guild finally approaching 450ish gs which currently is still pretty good. If they release TET.... well....
  2. My gs isn't even really high, at 478 and even I can still feel the difference in pvp. It's more fun I feel with a fair playing field. That might just be me though.
  3. I'm asking so I can prepare accordingly. I'd hate for it to drop and be completely unprepared. On side note I hope it doesn't come out. While I'm fully TRI'd out I like it when more people are equally geared.
  4. Bump for visibility. Also why hasn't any GM responded to this thread?
  5. I don't want all classes to have same damage or be completely equal but it's a bit ridiculous when one class seems like literal gods even with sub par gear, then you have ranger shotgun spam. It's kind of ridiculous 80% of their kit isn't used and they just spam 1 ability that does way too much damage. I almost feel bad for the people playing ranger due to how they must be played. Things just are a bit of a mess right now, and saying it'll even out with awakenings is great and all but long will we have to put up with things the way they are now.
  6. Cause.......... let's face it, right now the balance is pitiful.
  7. I haven't had this issue myself but a guild mate of mine has and this is total BS. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. You need to fix this guys.
  8. My original thoughts where that this felt better then the PC version due to no desync but yeah since Mediah it's awful.
  9. Fought you in the arena, and I can confirm on my end that you were desyncing really bad. And I can only imagine I was doing the same to you or to other people. Getting knock downs as a Sorc trying to follow up is near impossible cause I'd say 80% of the time they aren't where you knocked them down at. It's gotten really bad lately.
  10. Mansha Forest and West Calpheon Castle Site. At least another 100+ ogres dead and only have a total of 5 soiled rings now. This is starting to feel ridiculous.
  11. Hi! So to the team I just want to say thank you, this is one of if not the smoothest mmo launches ever been apart of. Now the topic... since about Friday night once I hit level 50 I've been grinding Ogres. The amount of the them I can't tell you but... I couldn't possibly imagine how many I've killed. It's become an unhealthy obsession of mine I know... No Ogre ring yet. I'm not looking for any handouts here I know they are supposed to be rare but what I've found out of whack is the drop rate of soiled ogre rings. I've only got three to drop. Turning 100x of these in to an NPC will give you an Ogre ring. But at this rate it just feels like this fall back/fail safe method of getting a ring is even more brutal then the low rng drop rate. Please help! I'm going crazy!
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