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  1. worked out for me, I had a tet yuria blade up for 260 mil. it sold a day before patch. I checked 2 days after patch and they were down to 210 mil for tet. rip whoever bought it
  2. duplicate post on alt account obviously. question is whos paying this turd to trash this game? I want money to lie
  3. this dude is obviously lying/trolling. nobody can 1 shot someone with 310 dp. if you believe this I have a bridge to sell you
  4. well technically you could wait till someone throws the Ghillie Suit on the central market (which they will) so game isn't 100 percent pay 2 win in that sense.
  5. my brain is exploding on which one I want to choose. I really want to play Musa, Ive heard really good things about Dark Knight and Stryker. I'm so conflicted. pc players, give me some direction...
  6. i was at work during both times......but if I had to guess it will probably be a lag fest as current consoles don't seem to handle large 100 plus people events. issue isn't limited to just black desert. name one game with semi decent graphics that can handle 500 plus players on screen, all doing abilities.
  7. niceeeee, the ability to turn off those annoying notifications makes this a very nice update. now if only we could get some awakingings
  8. worth noting that if it turns to blue, you can still use green rarity items to repair the durability.
  9. my character name is Donald Trump. I secured the Trump family name, so your dang right I'm gonna play the part. MAGA
  10. they teased Mediah in a black spirit puzzle on there twitter page. not much of a puzzle but it clearly said Mediah. that was on the 9th of march. also a new city randomly pooped up on the very south edge west edge of the map, you can see a outline of a small town and some random square platforms but is pblocked off by an invisible wall. it ried to run up it myself
  11. why though? if anything I wish my guy was faster
  12. I believe its mansha forest node, when your in the same area as the mob look at your mini map and it will tell you what node you in. there is a small circle with a number in the middle of it, its real small directly on the node. all the nodes are on 1 so they all look identical, when you level it it enough it will change to 2 and it goes up to 10 max
  13. I use a yuria axe, you just have to enhance it with black weapon stones. for secondary I believe its the oros. there really aren't any high teir options for us right now until worldbosses I assume. you can farm skeletons for the yuria weapon if you don't want to buy it.
  14. the way you do it is there is an option to make 3 and 5 plywood I believe. it takes 5 times as long though obviously. read the descriptions cafefully
  15. best way to earn money: play the game. your welcome
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