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  1. Does anyone knows from what NPC I can get Magic Crystal of Nature - Endurance ? I need it for alchemy crafting recipe to craft Magic Crystal of Infinity - Endurance..
  2. So today I’ve done my daily’s for cp and for The Carrot and Stick quest from Calpheon when I tried to take the feast from the table and I got a message “The caracter does not exist”. What can I do ?
  3. Horvica

    Quest problem

    I took a quest from Daria in Calpheon City named “Medicine made by students” and I’m at 3/3 with it and I need to drink a potion to complete it and I cannot find it in my inventory and I can’t forfeit the quest. When I try to forfeit I get the message “Cannot find the quest data”. What can I do ?
  4. Horvica

    Ranger Skills

    This guide helped me a lot, maybe will help you too ! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jQ0MuIafb9hAgEqHhkAUd4APxl3h9i_RVJtZjAUDBLI/mobilebasic
  5. Horvica

    Quest cancel

    So I got a quest that have 3 parts and in the last part I need to drink a potion made by an NPC but I don’t find it. I took the quest and on the way I finished others and now I can’t forfeit the quest. The quest is called “Medicine made by students” 3/3.
  6. Horvica

    Ultimate Reform Stone

    So, I tried to heat 10 Grade 3 Weapon Stones and 1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard and I get nothing. Did anyone manage to get Ultimate Reform Stone ? Or I need to be a certain level at processing ?
  7. Horvica

    Disconnected from Black Desert Servers

    Thank you ! I found the update !
  8. Does anyone get the message “Disconnected from Black Desert servers. Please try again later” followed by a error code when try to connect ? From what I saw the maintenance it should have been done at 1 Pm..
  9. Horvica

    What pet should I buy ?

    Hi, can someone tell me a good combination of pets ? I currently have 2 dogs and I’m looking to buy 2 more but I don’t know what to choose.. 😕
  10. Horvica

    Ranger Gear

    Hi, I want some advice for gearing up my ranger. For the moment I choose to wear 2 pieces of Heve for 250 HP Effect Bonus and 2 Hercules for 150 weight bonus. Can I stick with it or should I replace the Hercules with something else ? 🙃 I’m thinking also to try 3 Taritas pieces and Zereth Shoes..
  11. Horvica

    Warehouse management

    Hi, can someone tell me if it’s possible to access the warehouse from Velia and get items from if I’m in Heidel ? I’m asking this cause I have my residence in Heidel and from here I craft beer for my workers. Is there a way not to go all away back to Velia to get those materials ?
  12. Horvica

    How to shotgun cancel on ranger?

    You can check BladeBoques last stream on Twitch and in first 10 minutes I think he shows how and what you need to do it ! 😁