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  1. I’m having the same issue, and my account is also linked so I don’t know what can be the problem..
  2. Does anyone knows from what NPC I can get Magic Crystal of Nature - Endurance ? I need it for alchemy crafting recipe to craft Magic Crystal of Infinity - Endurance..
  3. So today I’ve done my daily’s for cp and for The Carrot and Stick quest from Calpheon when I tried to take the feast from the table and I got a message “The caracter does not exist”. What can I do ?
  4. I took a quest from Daria in Calpheon City named “Medicine made by students” and I’m at 3/3 with it and I need to drink a potion to complete it and I cannot find it in my inventory and I can’t forfeit the quest. When I try to forfeit I get the message “Cannot find the quest data”. What can I do ?
  5. This guide helped me a lot, maybe will help you too ! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jQ0MuIafb9hAgEqHhkAUd4APxl3h9i_RVJtZjAUDBLI/mobilebasic
  6. So I got a quest that have 3 parts and in the last part I need to drink a potion made by an NPC but I don’t find it. I took the quest and on the way I finished others and now I can’t forfeit the quest. The quest is called “Medicine made by students” 3/3.
  7. So, I tried to heat 10 Grade 3 Weapon Stones and 1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard and I get nothing. Did anyone manage to get Ultimate Reform Stone ? Or I need to be a certain level at processing ?
  8. Does anyone get the message “Disconnected from Black Desert servers. Please try again later” followed by a error code when try to connect ? From what I saw the maintenance it should have been done at 1 Pm..
  9. Hi, can someone tell me a good combination of pets ? I currently have 2 dogs and I’m looking to buy 2 more but I don’t know what to choose.. 😕
  10. Horvica

    Ranger Gear

    Hi, I want some advice for gearing up my ranger. For the moment I choose to wear 2 pieces of Heve for 250 HP Effect Bonus and 2 Hercules for 150 weight bonus. Can I stick with it or should I replace the Hercules with something else ? 🙃 I’m thinking also to try 3 Taritas pieces and Zereth Shoes..
  11. Hi, can someone tell me if it’s possible to access the warehouse from Velia and get items from if I’m in Heidel ? I’m asking this cause I have my residence in Heidel and from here I craft beer for my workers. Is there a way not to go all away back to Velia to get those materials ?
  12. You can check BladeBoques last stream on Twitch and in first 10 minutes I think he shows how and what you need to do it ! 😁
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