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  1. Thank you! Much appreciated
  2. In the notes about it is says you can find your fairy info in the ring menu, I’ve checked everything and can’t find anything in regards to the fairy. Can someone send me in the right direction please
  3. Just completed the quest, got my fairy, named it, pop up saying it learned “gift” but where is my fairy? Where do I find info on it?
  4. Thanks, I’ll wait until 2pm.
  5. No, I mean I asked about problems logging in as I’d installed the update. Im not usually around on a Wednesday so don’t log in after updates until around 7pm usually. Obviously then any maintenance is over. I wrongly thought that because it installed I could log on hence my question regarding issues logging in. I wasn’t questioning what the patch/maintenance is.
  6. I asked simply because there was an update this morning which I installed so assumed any maintenance was over, what with the update there on my system.
  7. Another character worked fine. I have however just seen a post about Valencia fishing issues. That’s where I was so possibly that? I cant check now as I can’t get onto the game. Thanks for the advice, if I’m still having problems I shall try all that you mentioned.
  8. Anyone having issues? Game was frozen this morning after leaving it afk last night. Noticed a 2.9gb update, done that but can’t get past retrieving server info. Restarted xbox and nothing.
  9. Sorry, I should of said that I was using the exact same place I’d fished all night. I also went to another spot and the same thing keeps happening. Someone else was also fishing right next to me.
  10. Is anyone else having a fishing problem. I left my Xbox afk fishing overnight, inventory had 2 spaces left this morning so guessing at some point overnight it stopped. Now, I cast my rod and seconds later pull it back in. I cannot fish at all. Durability is full, inventory is empty. I’ve no idea why this is happening. Can anyone help or do I need to send a ticket. Also, I’ve restarted my Xbox numerous times, left it off all day whilst out, got home and the problem persists.
  11. I’ve left my horse on auto loop for hours before, not overnight as I afk fish, but on auto loop I just turn my controller off and the horse keeps running. My Xbox is set to never turn off and the screen goes dark but it’s always kept going. I suggest setting an auto loop then turning off your controller and checking it keeps going, once you’re sure you can leave it going overnight. Also, if you have more than one horse, hook them up to a wagon and set them off, they level slower but you benefit from being able to have 4 horses on the go.
  12. Brilliant, thanks for your help, much appreciated
  13. How do I type in chat using my phone? I’ve just downloaded the app and signed in but cannot figure out how to type in chat.
  14. I just awakened my sorc today, did my lahn yesterday. This evening I’m going to use the skill reset coupon and reset both and figure out which skills I want to re learn. I don’t have as many skill points as some I’ve seen in posts, around 760 each, so I’m going to relearn all my most used skills, awakened and then look at absolutes. If I mess up or something I have 24 hours to reset or another coupon I can use at a later date if I’m not happy. How did you get on with yours?
  15. Oh I see. I assumed the one with a P was a pearl item but the others I thought I could choose. I’ll stop trying then now I know. Thanks for the reply!
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