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  1. The rum was an event item and it was in the description that it would disapear on the april 24th maintenance.
  2. When you go afk, leave it on the map. Greatly reduces gpu/cpu load since it seems to stop all world rendering. You can tell by the sound of the fans.
  3. It is a very small icon over the node on the map. Like reallllly small.
  4. That is correct. Although if it's the same as the pc version they are not worth enhancing AT ALL since the benefits you get even at PEN are ridiculous. Same AP, 3more DP and 4accuracy. They are pretty good as is and allow you to farm for higher tier ones. Don’t waste any FS on those.
  5. Complex and diverse lifeskill system. Fun and engaging PvP combat. Enhancement system can be compared to a chronic disease : it won't kill you but it'll make your lfe hell.
  6. Rlease gear cleansing so we can decrease our enhancement by 1 for 100k by visiting a priest AND save balenos horses!! T1 horse lives matter! Elion, please hear those in need!
  7. I mean, Balenos horses are all either dead or suffering from PTSD at this point... Give us gear cleansing and save the poor beasts!!!!
  8. In EDT time, The bouses roll from 10pm to 3am where most ppl actually sleep. It feels wrong that most of us in EDT can't even participate in the event without having to jeopardize our health. I suggest taking it back 2 hours so every time zone at least gets some prime time. i.e. 5pm - 10pm PDT
  9. Hey man, would like to join you guys. Hit me up! Gtag: Undyingqc
  10. Try turning the camera effects off in settings!
  11. If you think buying the +12 is a valid idea then you clearly don't understand how pricing works on the marketplace... You buy the +7 one for weapons or +5 one for armor. Anything over that you are getting ripped off. I legit never sold any pearl item and I am at over 300mill in all +15, pri weapons and I would have better gear but no hards or sharp on the marketplace and I don't play more than 2hours a day so I'd rather not spend it choping trees. Buying pearl items and selling them for silver is not only a waste of money IMO, it actuly doesn't get you much ahead of the curve. A costume gets you 28mil or so silver. I get that every 6 hours totally afk from workers gathering and crafting. You can sell 35 costumes a week for 980mil total for 1050 USD. I get 784 mil a week, completely afk, and it costs me NOYlTHING. And I will make even more once I have more CP. See? Not much ahead for a ludicrous amount of money.
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