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  1. <Ascent> Ascent is a new BDO guild founded by original players from beta. Our goal is to simply enjoy the game at our own pace. We aren't here to compete or cause drama, inside or out of the guild. We are currently recruiting members, as well as officers to help manage and expand. PVP is something we will look towards at some point down the road, but for now, our focus will be PVE, guild missions, etc. Discord server is set up so we can all communicate better. We hope to become a strong group of friends and allies with other like-minded players/guilds. FOR INQUIRIES/GUILD INVITE REQUESTS: Xbox GT: Animal xNJx In-Game Name: Cloaks
  2. Bump, still looking (and updated my current GS)
  3. 396 GS Ranger LF Guild. 26 y/o adult looking for no drama/kids. I work full time so as long as my GS is suitable we can talk about my schedule and see if it works. GT: Animal xNJx Message me on xbox I'll see that before I see a reply here. Thanks.
  4. What’s up. Looking for chill people to play with. IG name is Versace (same as forum name). Gamertag is Animal xNJx. Level 51 Ranger. Only playing my main until new classes come out. Also looking for a chill PVE/lifeskill type of guild. I’m on most nights after 9:30pm EST. Off on Fridays & Sundays so that’s when I’m on the most.
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