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  1. We got that as well in our guild. At this time we are actually usually using party system which I hope this fixes in the upcoming update.
  2. This issue is not addressed or not been informed how to fix this by staff.. please help I'm a guild leader and this is not efficient at all.
  3. At this time we have 25 members.
  4. Hello everyone we are a growing guild looking for members who are willing to participate! Will be here daily and help out guildies when need be. We will be completing missions, pvp and so much more. We are hoping to in the future own a guild hall and continue to grow. But we cant do it unless people are willing to join. I will review all applications. Please place as the following below: Gamertag: Level: Interest: Participation level: Why do you wanna be in this guild? In order for me to contact you, you must place your gamertag. We look foward to see you on the battlefield 😊
  5. Bump- not an addressed issue. A response would be appreciated or a review. Still not working. Unplugged several times and replugged in. Still says something's wrong with mic, nothing is wrong with my mic.
  6. Guild voice chat is not working. It will not allow me to turn voice chat on. It says there is an issue with my mic to unplug it and then plug it back in. Not for sure what is going on but I cant talk to my guild members. I can clearly talk on xbox party.
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