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  1. Yea. They're giving mixed messages too. Some they say rebuying will fix. Some people get answered really quick. Other no answer for weeks. And other still that they wont lift ban.
  2. Nope you have to open a new one each time you try to talk to them
  3. You have any links to the reddits I cant find anything in that site.
  4. The worry is some people have said tickets get left unrespinded to for weeks. Some say they had three responses same day and ban lift same day so no real missing out on things. Dailies, 30 day packs, workers, exp bonuses, getting behind on leveling with new charecters.... so annoying I didnt hear from them so I sent another hoping to up my chances of them seeing one of my tickets.
  5. The whole multi ticket system annoys me.most customer service opens a line of chat when someone responds but you have no way to get back in contact other than waiting for the to process another ticket. And of that isnt all of what they need you have to keep opening tickets and waiting for each response.
  6. Whatre the saying on twitter last I checked twitter they really didnt give a response. Just told someone not to get a refund because it was " being looked into" but no answer on if people would get the ban lifted or not for sure.
  7. You have to rebuy whatev edition you got a refund for. And send in a ticket with proof that you bought it.
  8. Just a second ago. You have to rebuy whatever you got a refund for. 0 tolerance for refunds if you played the game. And show them you bought it again.
  9. The response I got was send a ticket, rebuy the game send another ticket with proof you bought the copy you were refunded for again.
  10. Hello, I have a group of friends currently, about 10 people. Looking for a guild. We have a few already at 50, a few working on 50 (relatively close), and some who were just able to get the game and get started. We are looking for an active guild which a mix of pvp, node wars, guild quests and just life skilling.
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