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  1. So when I try to dye an armor/costume it will sometimes show the armor/costume and other times it won’t. But when you change anything it will disappear. Sometimes it will stay a few changes and others it takes a really really long time to come back. And on some occasions just won’t show it’s preview at all again and stay in default armor as if the costume was never equipped.
  2. It does show armor set buff but leave a lot of info out like exp boost for functional outfits/costumes. It shouldn’t show only part of your equip buffs but all equip
  3. Yes you have a chance to get drift on a t3
  4. If you didn’t actually buy it and it was a quest reward and is expired then yes it’s safe to delete.
  5. So I just realized something I didn't know before but realized after training the horse skills. In the game im a horse breeder. while training my skills I noticed that the skills a horse has are based on its color and its not RNG like the rest of the game. So ill keep its simple. What you want to hunt for are tier 3 horses in the wild. Anything less then that. Sell them they are worthless. They will have less skills and be waaay slower. The color you will be wanting for best RNG skill gain is the Tier 3 D picture below. The reason you want this specific horse is cause its come with the total number of skill gain chance of 14 skills. It also guaranteed to have Sprint, Drift, Charge, and Instant Accel as a chance to gain in those 14 skills. Anyone that knows there horses in this game knows if you manage to get all 4 of those skills you horse will be ridiculously fast compared to your average Jo horse. I have 15 horses in my stable when I found this out had to sell 5 cause they didn't have enough skills. All leveled up by the way guess how mad I was. T3F is a brown horse don't ever use this horse its garbage for a Tier 3
  6. So I just realized that there is no way to view all currently equiped buffs on your character. Even the pearl shop costumes don’t show all the buffs you have equipped. Instead you have to go back and forth to each piece of armor/weapon/costume you have. Same thing for horses there is no easy way to look at what is active and what’s not or even what is a de-buff.
  7. I wondered this same thing before the game came out. But BDO super influences to AFK train. For Pc what they did was make a minimize tray feature to use less resources of the computer. For xbox its honestly a 50/50 chance they are gonna change this or leave as is.
  8. This kind of seems minor but on a controller compared to a keyboard it’s very easy to accidentally push a specific button. A confirmation for deleting in game friends names would be great. It’s way to easy to delete a friend’s name not remember how to spell it and be S.O.L
  9. You need carrots in inventory and use auto run loop on map then enable the automatic feed option
  10. So I’ve seen in other MMO where they have a separate tab or re-color of text for people who have questions about the game or even what to do. Or just questions period or even a [Q] label before a question. I think this would be helpful for a game like this because the game is more based on the community of the game to talk, trade info and work together and teach each other then to have the game teach us. Cause let’s face it this game doesn’t really teach you anything about it
  11. Anyone know max tier horse for current state of the game I have two tier 5 but I don’t want to waste the breeds. Also if you have gotten a higher horse then tier 5 please comment thanks.
  12. No I’ve got a lot showing just general terms mining, gathering, lumbering. And some random nodes that actually tell you what it is
  13. No to my understanding so far even if you are at 99% you still have a chance of falling. A skill that is near broken and can throw you off a lot is sprint. Just holding down sprint activates and can instantly throw you off cause the mini game is to fast. Pc is way slower and much easier.
  14. Not sure if anyone having a problem with this but horse training balance mini game seems a little impossible right now. The direction button don't really react when you push the direction you want. They balance bar is also crazy fast before you even start the mini game. GM definitely need to adjust its settings.
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