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  1. In-game name (family): Zooka Level: 27 Wizard, 22 Sorc Have you played PC BDO?: Nope Currently needing guild officers, are you interested and why should we make you one?: I would eventually want to be one, but for now with work and my family. i am only playing weeknights and weekends. Activity level and what kind of activities are you looking for? (Pvp pve lifeskill etc): Free weekends and evenings US Eastern time  Anything else we should know?:. This game is complicated, i would to have a strong guild to cal back on to learn from and help kick ass. Get Some Woooooh GT: BoomZooka
  2. YES I AM IN , Huge EQ fan who stumbled my way to BDO , very detailed game i am learning every day . i would love to be part of something great. Was one of the first Warriors in Cazic Thul server to get his Epic Weapon back in the day. Anyone i will be looking forward to meeting yall GT: BoomZooka
  3. Hey i would love to join this . GT BoomZooka, don't know much about the game so far but i love it
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