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  1. Titel say everthing, if you have questions just ask. Writing in german or english. Greetings Koro
  2. can i play another game and still do afk stuff in black desert? Think thats not possibel right? XD
  3. things like that are perhaps not in the roadmap... but im 21 and 22. at gamescom so i can see for sure the roadmap
  4. When XBox launched, there where some features missing and its importent to know them. Like will be there Byproducts for CP? Oh and will we get the Life Skill stats for launch? (or do we dont deserve to enjoy the Life Skill race?)4 Would be great to know that, to have a littel plan for the start and dont get doomed
  5. I have also a problem with the payment. They say "we look into it" but in 2 weeks nothing happen. Perhaps it helps if I right ms 🤔
  6. Sering preorders would be great... thats why we ront get it
  7. So wr get coocking byproducts... whats with the alchemy byproducts 🤔
  8. And exactly for information like this I would like to be in a life skill guild 😀
  9. Cp dishes for coocking and alchemy. Also pearl shop costume for cooking would be nice.
  10. I jeard musa would be the best life skill class because of his dashes. I have a witch and I will stay with it...
  11. I can cook about 180k times and do alchemy for about 60k times And I dont care if they wait longer *evil laugh*
  12. Im very unlucky in this game I have full luck, lucky tools and headhog. In the last 2 days I got out if 500 energy 1 sharp and 2 hards. (Sure it waswild grass, but still) Think the gm hates me and did lower my rng chances. XD
  13. How can you beeed headghog?
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