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    Weak leadership

    I have also a problem with the payment. They say "we look into it" but in 2 weeks nothing happen. Perhaps it helps if I right ms 🤔
  2. Koroyosh8

    Seeing Traded # Specifics CM

    Sering preorders would be great... thats why we ront get it
  3. Koroyosh8

    Valencia and Absolutes coming 8th of May

    So wr get coocking byproducts... whats with the alchemy byproducts 🤔
  4. Koroyosh8

    High Quality Wine Price Change

    And exactly for information like this I would like to be in a life skill guild 😀
  5. Koroyosh8

    What do you think next update is?

    Cp dishes for coocking and alchemy. Also pearl shop costume for cooking would be nice.
  6. Koroyosh8

    Life Skill Character?

    I jeard musa would be the best life skill class because of his dashes. I have a witch and I will stay with it...
  7. Koroyosh8

    You're doing it wrong PA! - Rant #yeet

    I can cook about 180k times and do alchemy for about 60k times And I dont care if they wait longer *evil laugh*
  8. Koroyosh8

    Hards and Sharps Best method

    Im very unlucky in this game I have full luck, lucky tools and headhog. In the last 2 days I got out if 500 energy 1 sharp and 2 hards. (Sure it waswild grass, but still) Think the gm hates me and did lower my rng chances. XD
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    Ah thx
  10. Koroyosh8


    How can you beeed headghog?
  11. Koroyosh8


    Magic tools are no better then the lucky one , (or I had bad luck)' But the Headghog is a must, sadly its only t1, but so important for gathering
  12. Could be, but cant get which one and no im not fisging. Cathering is ok, bit still to slow. With my luck I need a ton of material to get one level. .. Still try to get this +3 clothes, but that costs over a 100 mill each
  13. We didnt got the new dishes right?
  14. I justdo life skill And I got a zarka so not interested in liverto XD (3x at the boss, never go again) I dont see how this updateis helping me upgreading my gear. Headhoge will help to get more items yes, but I have to still hort them and make not more money out ofit (still happy I got something)
  15. Well thats a lir from Shirna. Letting peopel drop +4 belts its totaly not holding the playerbase back. I would say its like they want to force you in grinding an node wars, so they have more peopel there. But peopel like me do life skill anyways and then dont go to node war because gear is to low. But lets hope for this update
  16. I use 3 rebla, so I dont have to shift alts as often. I dont make that much money horting all the materials and just selling hards and shards. But I understand hiw it works I have irregular shift work, so it doesnt matter if I go on eu or na. Wanted to go on eu because of the connection. If theu finaly release the life skill stats I can perhaps find a life skill guild
  17. Youre not on EU Server? Its even hard for me to get +15 faulstacks. Rebla is going in 9 of 10 times to +15 before. So I have just one +3 clothe. But youre right, there is so much content missing, while grinder got almost everything
  18. There is a cashshop costume which reduce cooking time by 1 sec
  19. Jep im also waiting for this stuff... Is any one of you on an EU Life Skill guild? Im the only life skiller in my guild 🤐
  20. Koroyosh8

    Server Maintenance 03/06 - Completed

    @Shirna: On PC we got all the patch notes, would it be possibel to do the same thing here? It would be very interesting what is getting changed and when some pearl shop items wil find the way into the game (im waiting for the byproduct cp for cooking and the headhog)
  21. Koroyosh8


    @Betty The problem is: even if i would be interested in pvp.... with my working times i could just participate on half of the siege and node wars. It depends on the exact time. As traindriver your most of the time working or sleeping in night time (and i work half of the weekends^^) But thanks for the offer, if i would go for a pvp guild you would be the first one i would contact
  22. Koroyosh8


    i still looking for a guild, but i actually plan to do mainly life skill and pve. Because of my irregular shiftwork (also saturday and sunday) i cant participate on sieges and node wars most of the time. Think im also wrong here then? XD
  23. Well some one has not the money for the ultimate edition and he was asking if he should get the standart or delux edition. And i think you hould go with the standard edition and if you have 20$ left you should buy 2 more pets. If you have the money you go for sure for the ultimate and spend another 200+ dollers for other important stuff
  24. He was asking himself if he should get the standard or deluxe edition not the ultimate. You should learn reading... the deluxe edition has nothing realy important. And if you are short of money its better to have pets then this not so important stuff. so how would you spend the max of 50$?
  25. Koroyosh8

    Wizard Pros vs Cons

    eye candy is very important Thats one reason why i will play witch XD