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  1. You get to walk around with your rod out where ever you like though.
  2. I was thinking that was the case but wasn't sure. I had an issue building the basi belt last night the combine logo never showed after arranging them but wen i clicked the sort-unsort button again it did. Good luck with it though hopefully you don't have a dud
  3. I'm sure i did it the same order as you mentioned Blue Ring, Ruby Ornament, and then Obisidan Decoration. Have you changed to un sort inventory to try it?
  4. @Rocketfuel77777Worked for me a couple of times mate.
  5. Azza

    [EU] Apex

    You are still very welcome @Astolti πŸ™Œ
  6. She fell over! If you are lucky enough for the gauge to display before you fall off you can see there is an (A) and (B). Just hit repeatedly the button on the opposite direction from where the line is heading to keep balance. Sometimes its a case of spamming it faster then others and sometimes you don't need to press anything at all and it will keep balance.
  7. Azza

    [EU] Apex

    Hey Pogo, yes we are. If you like you could join our discord to find out more.
  8. PA Should really bring out some new backgrounds for the Inventory it looks dull. 😜
  9. Azza

    [EU] Apex

  10. Azza

    Horse tier

    T5 Horses can end up faster then T6 if they have a better base speed and get good rolls on the way to 30. I haven't been lucky enough to get a T6 with the breeding now owning lots of T5 males but one of them is the T5I which is now lvl 30 with 142.2 speed.
  11. Are rankings Useful? I would take a stab its going to be more pearl shop items.
  12. Wow, nice one! Talk us through the thought process or was it just a Yolo moment? πŸ˜ƒ
  13. Azza

    [EU] Apex

    Getting closer to the 40 member milestone and more space has been made.
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