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  1. Shadi

    Road Map 2019

    They want to broaden the player base, more players more profit , not just give the current pc player base a new home. Having experience and understanding is not quite like reading something on the internet. The port should have been released at the same stage as the pc version but that's not the case. The GAPs going to happen whatever but the xbox version needs to be on its feet first.
  2. Shadi

    Road Map 2019

    They are just trying to manage the gap, PC Players have the advantage they already know the content.
  3. Shadi

    Cue weekly rage quit :)

    Are the current Ghille's good to go when awakening arrives?
  4. Shadi


    Def Wild T4s since valencia update.
  5. Shadi

    Knowledge Description for Cooking Stuck

    Have the same issue with the cooking knowledge description, work around for me is to bring menu up (select button) then change server.
  6. Shadi

    Triggered Horse! Argh!

    Yep also not a fan of this right trigger, would be better triggered in main menu or just show it in main menu stats. Why do we need to see our horse stats instantly?
  7. Shadi

    PKs Are So Funny :)

    No rules just put up with it and get on with it, Peeps are going to want to complete Quest, hence karma bombs. Peeps are going to grind, hence Pk's. its all good !
  8. Shadi

    How long did it take on PC?

    it will be quicker on xbox and it will be pc a vet.
  9. Shadi

    PKs Are So Funny :)

    How long does it take to work that karma off or do you just stay red?
  10. Shadi

    PKs Are So Funny :)

    Ah thought i might have been missing something.
  11. Shadi

    PKs Are So Funny :)

    Do you gain something from burning karma?
  12. Shadi

    PKs Are So Funny :)

    When i flag i consent and yes i can be flagged, that's the risk we all knowingly take going above 50. i was referring to being PK'd without warning, its not always obvious a spot is taken.
  13. Shadi

    PKs Are So Funny :)

    Waiting till they have low health and engaged in mobs is usually how it go’s, nothing honourable about pking or grieving. Guild and node wars, consented pvp yes great. If it’s obvious some ones in that spot don’t interfere or else expect some retaliation. Some players think there rotation includes the server as a whole. You always have the option to server hop or move a long. If you can be bothered, you can always return the favour just wait till they are a bit overstretched and give them a taste of there own. go afk out of safe zones at you own risk.
  14. Shadi

    Server Down?

    Yep same issue
  15. Shadi

    BD Origin

    Thanks for clearing that up