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  1. Shadi

    Examine Heidel Plaza Statue

    From memory you should be stood to the right of the Stone
  2. T8 Myth, any wild T5's yet?
  3. Shadi

    Ninja high rollers

    Any high level ninja's about, hows the toon scale? appears quite handy so far level 30.
  4. Shadi

    Examine Heidel Plaza Statue

    When the Quest screen shows after pressing y at the statue, look to the right bottom corner of your screen: commands to use should be listed
  5. Shadi

    Xian Merchants Guild Quest

    also check your not overweight
  6. Shadi

    T5 wild horses

    T4's yes but no wild T5's.
  7. Swapped server re spawned in different place, now have long run to horse that's on other side of map.
  8. Do you peeps always use crons while enhancing accessories? i have quite liked enhancing weapons and armour, the satisfaction when it pops to the next level. But with accessories it appears a lot more random and the loss is harsh, especially with the effort needed to get the drops in the first place. Are the pc fail stacks correct for the xbox or is it totally random?
  9. Shadi

    Server Removal

    Its to promote PVP on the EU servers, pvp is working as intended on US side :)
  10. Shadi

    Lower PvP lvl req to 39

    Ah yes quick trip to town and take out all the afk fishing peeps with a bit of aoe :)
  11. Shadi

    When we getting new classes

    Hope Archers on the way 😎
  12. Shadi

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    Yes instance pvp with tiers but not open world across the board, you would need dedicated pvp and pve servers.
  13. Could be a long way down the line, we haven't got all the classes in yet. If they can get the engine to cross play, increase the server instances and balance it all then why not.
  14. Shadi

    Should I buy

    Yes you can hide the hat and you can buy outfits costumes. you can also dye what you are wearing. You can also change your appearance a lot when you make your character. The clothing not quite as much as some games.
  15. Shadi

    Skill lock

    Me too, thanks for the pointer.