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  1. Yep character creation time, not seen any Ps4 players posting about name changes.
  2. Is this bugged, cannot gather yellow flowers
  3. Thought PVE vs PVP got triggered again 😉
  4. It's a step in the right direction, not a perfect solution.
  5. Just change family names and clan/guild names if the same, leave main name as is, and add family name to chat etc. Pre ordered to get the names, lazy coding kind of sucks. No need to rush crossplay, sort the names out.
  6. I've not had an issue completing it on xbox x, are you on ps4, xbox x or xbox? you should maybe post this in the bugs section and raise a ticket.
  7. Prefered the previous interface over the pc version. For the most part this new interface is less efficient, more clicks to do the same thing.
  8. at 58 your ap is low, upgrade your kit.
  9. Yes having same issues changing characters, just started within the last few days.
  10. Good to see some CM activity on this forum, Welcome :)
  11. Slider or switch for optimisation sounds good, we can then choose how we want the game to run. For me i want them to catch up with the PC version asap. I don't think we will get any decent optimisation while playing catch up port wise.
  12. You may get a response if you posted in the ps4 forum. Try use google and do some research, most of this has already been covered on the PC.
  13. Bye ! don't forget to close the door behind you, enjoy your new game.
  14. Thanks for enlightening those not in the know. Do we really need censorship its a just suggestions section.
  15. Shadi

    Crossbow drops

    Yes they drop, not often. I haven't had any drops in those areas you mention. Except graveyard.
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