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  1. Strangely it applied the coupon but what an odd error.
  2. Just tried to use the SLAUGHTERMAS coupon but I get a msg saying I've used the maximum amount of coupons ! Has anyone else seen this as I didn't realise there was a limit to these, I would have thought if they gave them out we should be able to use them.
  3. I have just had this happen again. In the Mansha Hut. On Calpheon server. Xbox 1 S EU Black spirit appears as part of the storyline but then I couldn't exit had to reboot game to continue.
  4. The zoom in and out controls are no longer there.
  5. I have done these quests before with other characters, but now I've come to do them with my Ninja I find I can spin the camera round and round to no avail. Before when I did.these there was a zoom option. Which has now gone. The 1 quests I refer to are : The Valkyrie legend (Look into the face of the sage statue) And the cat who likes high places (examine the golden eagle statue) Anyone else having similar issues of know.if any solution please?
  6. Just kicked from game. Tried 3 times to re-join but get the same box Incorrect version or server side issue detected. If the issue persists. Contact support. [BECA_000/800C005] Anyone else had this ?
  7. I got the required items for the first part of this quest. And looked at the items I received I then arranged them as it said and it gave me the key which it says to select, it then instructs you to go to st location so I followed this killed the spawned Mob and then looked at the quest thread. This tells me.to.take the first 2 items back to the quest giver. Managed to get the quest to move on a little but it's asking me to take the key to XY location but I no longer have it. ...... I know I'll forfeit the quest and restart it....... NO it will not give up.the quest...I'll try from an alt... nothing showing back again to original char. Quest no longer listed .. YAY .. short lived YAY because when I try to restart the quest it starts from the same point. I can't get it to start for the beginning of this quest line Can anyone help please.
  8. I thought this was a Xbox error rather than a BD one. I Got rid of this by pressing the Xbox button on my pad. And then checking each item in the list to make sure all games and apps have been quit.
  9. Game seems very buggy this morning disconnected 5 times in 4 hours !!! And a random reload which placed me back at the town I was in before. !! EU Servers Tried Mediah Valencia Balenos 1 And now serendia 2. My internet connection is wired
  10. I have since uninstalled and re-downloaded the game. But to.no avail.
  11. Solved not a big just a misunderstanding
  12. Thankyou. Now to find where the witch was. Lol
  13. It says quest unaccepted. It's part of the disappearance if Nella quest tree So I into the quest guide which says. Get the commission back from Jensen. Who just gives me a catch a bird quest.
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