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  1. I'm level 56 wizard and I haven't gotten the awakening quest or weapon or skills. Baby black spirit quests are adventure log #2, and that's it. If I hit right bumper bar to Main quests, it's blank. Anybody help? Xbox One version...
  2. With all the absolutely horrendous pop in/up in this game, that I've not seen anything this bad since PlayStation 1 days. The update made my black spirit a fluffy black ball like at level 1 in the game! I'm level 55. And to make my spirit a baby again, the stupid programmers made the text all in CHINESE! Are you serious! I can't read that! Now all of my quests are in CHINESE! F*** you pearl abyss! First the clicking, then the cursor reset when selling things, the pop up where an entire mountain appears, or the game creates a wall in the middle of where ever you are at, and you can't pass through and your looking at 3 or 4 basic colors and 1 bit graphics from the 1990's, then 2 or 3 seconds later the entire screen pops up and you can walk/run to where you were going in the first place! I'm 49 years old. I've been playing since the 70's. This is the worst port job/programming/coding/buggy ridden game IN HISTORY! Pearl Abyss, get your s*** together. And how am I supposed to read what quests I'm accepting? ENGLISH ENGLISH ENGLISH! WE SPEAK AND READ ENGLISH HERE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. No, the game does that for everybody. I have Samsung 55 4k curved, and the same awful port graphics. And that clicking sound...
  4. I can't play the game anymore. This constant clicking sound is beyond annoying. No matter where I go or do, this clicking sound never stops. Ever. It's maddening! It destroys all the games sounds! The central market never stops notifications. Always on the screen, annoying me. And on Xbox one there is no way to turn it off. The graphics are sloppy, the pop up is horrendous. Everything is overly bright, and the sides of the screen are odd colored foggy, to hide graphic glitches and screen tearing? It also turns from day to night in 1 sec. That's not an exaggeration! When you start the game and your character is staggering, and things are blurry, and psychedelic acid trip swaying, it doesn't stop ever. I'm level 17 and I keep seeing things in this game like an entire mountain losing its top, then there is snow, then it's grass, then it's snow again. Or a fence is blurry and swaying, or the road is blurry but the rest of the screen isn't. There is even 1 time, I have the Xbox record video, that in a tent looking out it's bright daylight, but when I walk out it's nighttime with stars! I mean...come on pearl abyss! This game is really bad bad bad. Worst port I have ever seen in 40 years of playing videogames! Seriously. But that clicking.. And you can Google about that clicking sound all the way back to 2016. That's sad.... Update: If you turn down sound effects in settings it stops the clicking sound but all the other sound effects as well. Bad, bad, bad...They gotta patch this now, no excuses!
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