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  1. Wikked

    Ability to see Horse tier up chances

    I’m pretty sure the multiplier is 9 now. It would be great to be able to see tier chances directly from the game though.
  2. Wikked


    What would be nice is putting those horse exp scrolls in the loyalty shop or the pearl store. I’m breeding T5 & T6 as fast as I can but I can’t put much on the market because it’s sooooooo slow to level them up.
  3. Wikked

    Horse tiers

    I bred a T3 level 30 female with a T4 level 29 male and got a T5 male, this wouldn’t be possible with a 14 multiplier according to something * lovely calculator. I can’t say where we are for sure, but it’s definitely more than 6 and less than 14.
  4. Wikked

    MS allowed this game onto Game Pass?

    I’m kinda new to the mmo world but I can tell you the forums of pc BDO, pc eso and now xbox BDO all have “game is dying” posts at least once a week almost from launch. I wonder if WOW and all the others have this same negativity or is it just the ones I’ve played?
  5. Wikked

    Horse tiers

    Great news! I got a T6 Female from a T5 male level 29 & a T4 female level 25. According to Something lovely site, I had 0 chance to get a T6 female at a 6 multiplier breeding rate. I think that’s what it was before, but anyway it’s higher than that now.
  6. Wikked

    Horse tiers

    Well if anybody jumps out there and breeds something, I want to know if the outcome Is any better.
  7. Wikked

    the update

    I just hope they keep the increased Blackstone drops somehow. Sometimes there’s zero armor stones on the market even with the hot time event and the egg events. If it wasn’t for my farms I probably wouldn’t have any shards either.
  8. I think the multiplier must be 6. I’ve only bred T5 males & T4 females so far. The pairing of those 2 yielded T4 females both times. The 1st time I bred them at levels 23 & 25 and the next time I got them both to level 29 with the same result. If the multiplier was 9 & the horses at level 29, I would have had an 84% chance to get a T5 or T6, 10% to get a T7 and only 6% to get a T4. I’m going to stop breeding for now I think.
  9. Wikked

    Daily racism is out of control

    Out of curiosity, is this type of public chat or speech allowed anywhere? I’ve seen silly sex stuff before but not the blatant racism/ hate speech.
  10. Wikked

    Where is Chuck Laurie ?

    Jesus! I should have looked at this post earlier. Stupid missing NPC. Oh well, I’ll complete that knowledge when he shows up. BTW, that deer was really hard to kill on PC.
  11. Wikked

    CM is DEAD

    I don’t know what is selling except black stones, sharp and hard stones, sometimes forbidden books and Grunil armor. I stopped making fishing boats because they’re not getting snatched up like they were. Taritas sells a bit but those are the only 2 armors that I see selling at all. I just vendor all my weapons & armor or melt them. I agree the market needs government subsidies.
  12. Wikked

    Daily racism is out of control

    I saw a GM or two on the chat last night to monitor the chat. There were several people deliberately baiting them with racist remarks and name calling. I wonder if any bans came of that.....
  13. Sorry this happened to you. From what other breeders are saying, most think the multiplier is 6 or 6-9 at best.
  14. Wikked

    Black Spirit - Butler and Maid

    Just making sure, is that Butler/maid reward once per account? Or should I level up another character and get more?
  15. Wikked

    Code error BEC_003/800C000B

    I’m getting the double NAT all the time now, it seems to be the source of my disconnect issues. So do I now need to change my set up and get off wireless network?