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  1. Bought the 50$ deluxe version Not really into PvP or crafting. Guess i can play for the Xbox achievements if Xbox denies my refund request. The community in game is sooooo toxic.
  2. So you end every sentence with "lol" lol
  3. Every single mmorpg ever made since the early 90s has dungeons. Why would i have to research if this game has dungeons. That's like asking if Madden 20 will have a passing feature.
  4. WHO MAKES AN MMORPG WITHOUT DUNGEONS! Well i am off to xbox.com to request a refund. Thanks i guess.
  5. i have no problem with being offended, it's just the complete lack of anything productive being said in server chat. They keep talking about the dumbest things that have zero to do with the game. Guess it's chat off (sorry guild chat!) until they patch a core feature of any mmorpg into the game. edit: i really have no plan on doing any pvp as i hate it. i like doing dungeons and raids + playing the Auction house for amazing cash
  6. For the love of all that is good and pure in this world... How do i turn OFF Server chat but keep Guild chat open on the screen, i've tried everything. The Xbox community (in just 4 days) is the most toxic community i have ever seen in an mmorpg. My IQ drops every time i read anything these idiots write. i tried pressing the select button to open chat and use LB to get to guild chat and then i close it, but server chat is still there, spewing this vile stupidity. if there is no way to do this, i am refunding the game. i cannot stand these idiots. it hurts my brain.
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