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  1. Discord How often do you use Discord for BDO? Any plans on a guild making a discord server for their guild to communicate on? Is their a personal preference besides discord for communicating with a guild out of game anyone like to share. Just wondering. Personal Preference I personally prefer discord due to having channels and slightly use to having other little things to do within the app while on the server itself. Although I've seen one or two guild posts mentioning the communities within Xbox and might be interested in that. Forum I'm really glad to find a forum for the game on Xbox!
  2. Hello everyone, very excited to see what this forum has in store. Always nice to be apart of a game but most importantly a community 😊. My name is Chris and I hope to meet some new people while waiting for the game and when it finally releases. I'm definitely new to the game as a whole so reading through some forum posts about the game will definitely help!
  3. Monster hunter World and a couple of mobile games. I wonder if I'm the only mobile player in here 😶
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