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  1. My guild's leading player has a 561 GS. The only thing he buys are artisan memory to stretch out his memory frags. He buys costumes off the CM and uses them for crons. If you can grind/lifeskill, you can do this too. I'm not saying this game isn't P2W, but I am saying you can catch soft cap reasonably well even without paying real money. And as far as those GS you mentioned, when Valencia released, players were pushing low 500 gear score based on experience from PC on where to get the new items and maximize grind spots. Basi belts, seraphs, and crecents were pretty easy to get then so even without cron, players were still able to get those accessories to TRI due to sheer availability.
  2. It's simple. Brackets apply only to sheet AP. If you are in pre-awakened form, then your AP from that is applied to Brackets. If you are in Awakened form, your sheet AP from your Awakened weapon is applied.
  3. I main Witch. I melt in group PVP and can defend my grind spot reasonably... unless it's a Striker or any other class that can grab me. Then it's typically automatic that I move on. Having said that, all classes have specific strengths and weaknesses that seem mostly built around team fighting (Node Wars and Conquest), but do not seem overly balanced in the normal grinding environment. Certain classes will dominate 1v1 and certain classes will be entirely weak. Shai was never intended to PvP with. I have one that I do my lifeskilling (small scale) on, but if I am attacked, I typically run off somewhere and find a new spot. Shai's do not need PvP altering. They survive just fine as intended, and support in a scary way as intended. They are not intended for solo PvP. Make a PvP class if you're bored.
  4. The PC quest is different than the event we are getting. Someone mentioned that the reason the PC version get's chances for Kzarka and liverto and whatnot is because new players are given opportunities to catch up to pc players who have been playing for years. So yeah basically anything we get on xbox will be different and less than pc. They will milk us the same way they milked pc content release in order to squeeze the most opportunities for pearl purchases. It's a business intended to make profit after all.
  5. water gathering has a lower chance to get a hard or sharp. Also, it tends to interrupt your scooping water so it's not the most viable way. Milking also apparently has a lower rate according to most claims I have read on the reddit. Other gathering has the same chances to drop a shard, but the rate of gather and what you get out of it is how I determined to get shards. I have a worker pump out butcher knives and sell all but the lucky steel ones I get. Use those to farm sheep. I use the meat to make pet food and save on that ridiculous 3k on crap pet food. No more spending up to 2 mil a day on pet food haha.
  6. I went to sell some weeds... cursor jumps and I sell my soul instead. Trying to repurchase, but it says "invalid count"
  7. I have a rank 1 house in Heidel after seeing that I could not invest in specialty nodes without one. So I proceeded to spend my deluxe version pearls and some bought pearls to upgrade one of my houses into a rank 1 house. After a week, I still hold rank 1, but still cannot invest in specialty nodes in the Heidel node network. Anyone else have this problem, or any ideas on what's wrong?
  8. So I have a node network set up and want to profit from it. I gather ingredients and look up what to do with them. Imperial cuisine packaging seems to be profitable, but I see no option for it anywhere in the game (pc guides are no help as they are different). Is there even the option for imperial package and trading in the xbox version?
  9. So other than bugs, my only real issue with this game is a lack of clarity for brand new users. There are many support pages created by PC players who understand the PC version, but my challenge is that much of it does not translate, as the xbox version is clearly divergent from PC at the least currently. One could argue "you have to learn the game like any other", however, there is a clear disadvantage to new players who are pitted against PC players. There's no way to avoid this altogether, but the biggest hurtles I have dealt with have to do with not knowing how a certain aspect of the game was intended to function, (from pc) to how it is supposed to function on Xbox. A PC player will recognize the similarities or differences, but to an xbox player, it looks like a bug at best, and completely non-existent at worse. I guess what I am saying is that the PC version has a huge support system, while the xbox version isn't even developing yet. I have often been told to check PC guides (I have) and many are helpful in some areas. There is still however a large gap in translating between the two versions from my aspect as an xbox only player. Also, I can already see the gap widening in competition. Some farm areas are being patrolled by experienced PC players who I fear will eventually lock out newer players. If Pearl Abyss intended to expand their market to xbox players, then this gap might need to be addressed. If, however, this is just an extension platform for PC players to migrate to, then all is well and you can ignore this post altogether. I will say that I am enjoying the game immensely and would like eventually be able to become competitive. 😃
  10. I paid the $100 for early access. I got 3k pearls and used them to decorate a house, which in Heidel put me on the top rank by more than 500 points above the next user on the house list. I went to invest in a specialty node in the Heidel chain, and it gave me the same message as before... I need a first rank house... Am i missing something?
  11. So i have my supply train going for nodes, and needed to make beer for stamina for my workers. I go in with 150 potatoes and try the following: 1. enter ingredients - Leavening, raw sugar, mineral water, potatoes (ratio is 2:1:6:5 respectively) 2. I scale up the ingredients for 30 iterations to use up 150 potatoes and get the corresponding beer. When I select multiple iterations, it does not even offer the number to enter and goes directly to making beer. From past experience, I know this will consume all my ingredients and only give me one instance. So I back off, check to see i got ingredients back, and move to try again with smaller iterations. 3. I enter enough for 10 iterations - That's 20 leavening, 10 raw sugar, 60 mineral water, 50 potatoes. I select multiple iterations and it allows me to type in the number of batches this time. I typed in 10, and it defaulted to 3 and would allow no higher. So I figured that the cooking station is in buggy mode and I disconnect and reconnect to the server. I still have all my original ingredients so no big deal just a time loss. 4. I try 5 iterations, enter the appropriate proportions, and select multiple batches and enter 5. Success! It fires up and I get 10 beers and some by product dishes. Then I go to repeat the process and I see out of the 150 potatoes I had, only 25 remain... doing math in my head, i know that I inputted only 50 potatoes for 5 batches, so how did I should have 100 potatoes left... somehow the cooking station reached into my pocket and snatched a surcharge of 75 more potatoes... What happened after is even weirder. I had to leave for work soon, so I decided to at least get something done to get at least a few workers going, and decided on single batches at 5 individual increments. I entered 5 potatoes, 6 mineral water, 2 leavening, and 1 raw sugar, double checked the entered amount and selected one iteration and started cooking. Painfully slow and annoying, but at least I know what I will be getting. WRONG!!! It somehow used an additional potato and now I have 19... The remainder of the individual iterations worked as expected. SUMMARY - The multiple iteration function is BUGGY AS HELL!!! Even the individual cooking apparently can't count! Has anyone else experienced this? Notes - Just wanted to say, that with reduced content (based on what is available on PC) all we really have is quests. Getting a node supply is critical for me to be ready for the gradual release of PC (new to us) content, such as awakening, more areas, a functioning Red Battlefield, and classes that PC is already enjoying. I paid the $100 early entry package, and what I seem to be getting is a buggy continuation of a BETA GAME!!! Is there any feedback on awareness of the many issues as well as what will be done to fix them and when? Based on the overwhelming presence of early access users, you've generated plenty of capital to push towards time to fix these issues, but I feel like we are left in the dark and let down for having paid 10X the base cost of the game. Early access for what??? A game that still feels buggy and more like an extension of a beta version?
  12. I don't know if the storage was bugged or not at that point. But afterwards I noticed what you are talking about as well. They may or may not be related. I just want them to fix it. I won't be using the transport until they do, like many things that don't work that we expected. This is still a beta game right now.
  13. The entire inventory is displayed on my tv... I'm certain
  14. Two days worth of worker gathered materials in Velia. I transported them (paying tripple the fee due to not connected trade route yet) to Heidel and checked my warehouse the next day and none of the items are in my warehouse or inventory. Two days worth of work manually assigning workers (because repeat task does not work) and i lose everything i transported.
  15. I am trying to make beer to get my workers going. I successfully made one batch, but then when I sort my inventory, my wheat disappears, then when unsorting, it comes back, but then mineral water disapp ears (which also comes back when sorting again). I can't make beer anymore because one of the items is always missing.
  16. Cahendr3

    Items missing

    Check your mail. Receive all items and then you have to open them in your inventory and register your pet and horse.
  17. Node empire started. Passive income? Hardly. I have to set my workers every 15 staggered minutes depending on their speed. Also, anyone know how to feed beer to workers? I don't see a way to do it and pc guidance points to a list that doesn't exist on xbox
  18. there is a button for red battlefield in your main menu. I never see any more than 1 participant, and the two times i tried to join i kept endlessly falling and would have to disconnect to get out.
  19. Cahendr3


    There is a repeat task option, but it does not work.
  20. When I set my workers to repeat a task, it does not. It shows the number of repetitions, but the worker still stops, the number goes down to 1 and the task is never repeated.
  21. A friend of mine tried setting up a clan and it did not work. Can someone give me a step by step (please treat me like a total newb) process for starting a clan? Do we need to be on the same server at the same time?
  22. There is this ongoing clicking sound that seems to go with the cursor jumping. Please fix this. Also, the chat seems to be filled with horny kids that are looking for attention. Please improve the chat filtering. Nothing worse than typing a question about a quest or something game related on server, just to see the page filled with porn, or sex references. Geeze.
  23. This is also where I hear the audible click that everyone hears.
  24. I get annoyed when my cursor is on an item, or a description or anything else and then my cursor jumps back to the top (this is where the click happens for me). Can anyone else verify this? Or can anyone find anywhere they have at least acknowledged the problem?
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