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  1. Dang look at all that convenience he payed for 🙄
  2. Yep one of the most straight up p2w games on the market rn(excluding f2p games) although still enjoyable tbh. I still play regularly and I criticize their shady business practices pretty often. Careful with the p2w talk though. Pearl Abyss fanboys/hopeful employees get extremely butthurt and sensitive when criticizing their precious game.
  3. Careful with the p2w talk. It will trigger the hell out of Pearl Abyss fans/hopeful employees.
  4. Lmao the saltiness is so real. Instead of backing up your terrible take on how this game isn’t p2w you just put everyone on the ignore list. Keep on fanboying, maybe Pearl Abyss will make you their metaphorical hall monitor 😂
  5. Actually he is full pen buddy, minus some accessories.. And everything I stated is what I personally witnessed among others. Hell the top voted thread on Reddit is a discussion about this game being p2w with him being used as the prime example but suuuure lets call it “misinformation”. The fanboys defending these p2w predatory business practices on a buy to play game is actually sad. *gives examples on how game is clearly p2w ”U cAnT uSe hIm aS aN eXaMpLe, hE dOEsNt cOuNT” Man you guys are comical.
  6. Have you not been watching that one dude literally named “pay2win”? He’s already at full pen gear. He streams and uses all the funds in the cash shop and is straight roflstomping everyone in pvp rn. Please stop with the fanboy “iTs PaY fOr CoNvEnIenCE” crap. I’m not saying the game isn’t enjoyable, but it is absolutely one of the most p2w games that isn’t free to play.
  7. Yeaaaaah the enchantment system will 100% be the reason I quit. I absolutely hate the idea of working hard for something & spending hours on top of hours stacking materials just for it all to be based on luck & chance. Such a shitty system designed to get players stuck in a hamsterwheel.
  8. I just don’t understand how the CM’s are so awful at this game.
  9. I’ve been saying this since day one. The game is clearly a cash grab, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game & that one can’t enjoy it.
  10. I’m still stuck on the fact this guy actually said “BDO has one of the best enhancement systems” I know it’s subjective but holy **** talk about a terrible opinion.
  11. Nah I’ve played just about every major one with quite a few smaller ones on between and none has an enhancement system with such heavy rng in place. Still love the game, just not a jaded fanboy. But we all have our own opinions, some worst than others apparently hahaha
  12. Yeaaaah I love BDO but the gear enhancement system is honestly the worst I’ve seen in any game/MMO I’ve played to date. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth cause it was obviously created to encourage the purchase of pearls.
  13. When there’s rng ivolved everyone always thinks there’s some type of conspiracy involved with the drop rates. That’s just how it is. Sometimes you can grind all day & receive squat, sometimes you’re gonna get multiple of what you’re looking for within the first hour. 🤷‍♂️
  14. This community is pretty toxic and unhelpful when it comes to new players but there are some good ones out there like Yiazzy. Fortunately most of the information is already available due to BDO being out on PC for 3 years now & I am the type of player to do my own research but there is certainly nothing wrong with asking for OR offering help.
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