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  1. Mary69Jane

    Trade between players on consoles

    Why not? There's no cheaters and bots so you (devs) may not aware of ruining economics.
  2. Mary69Jane

    Xbox one Razer mouse keyboard support

    >the game is available on PC for 3 years >wait until it comes to consoles >plug a mouse to play
  3. Mary69Jane

    Stress Test Poll

    sieges in 15-20 fps confirmed. Yesterday's carts event showed the performance.
  4. if you have doubts about the performance then why not simply wait until OBT videos get uploaded to YT and watch the gameplay and fps in crowded cities?
  5. Mary69Jane

    SUMMER. lol

    I bet on end of june - cbt/obt and early august is the release
  6. Mary69Jane

    High hopes for PvP

    I hope they will open PVE servers too as they opened PVP on PC version I dont think pvp in BD is entertain and fair aspect