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  1. I have a dream In that dream PA bringing BDM on PS4/XO/NS and making crossplay @CM Trent
  2. if everyone will make alts for the bosses who will DPS them?
  3. create an account on the site go to Profile in the game and press Triangle
  4. I have SSD installed (Toshiba) and the game running smooth
  5. Other solution: call to Sony and ask for delete the game from your library. After that you'll be able to download an actual version
  6. Mary69Jane


    The right stick is absolutely horrible. PA needs to adjust dead zones and accelerations. Yes it's not a shooter but it feels like a ****. And why you can't walk, only run and sprint? I think it's basics when you push LS a little and walking
  7. guys don't waste your time for waiting the fix, just download NA version and play
  8. Im pretty sure you can't get it anyway because SONY will fix the problem maybe when beta ends XD
  9. How to play BDO if you got an error: 1) create USA PSN account, add it on your console 2) search and download the game in USA store
  10. thanks for wonderful beta 🤦🏼‍♀️
  11. Xbox One handle the game in 30 fps, XOX in 60. We interested in XOX/PS4Pro comparisons
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