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  1. Trying to make beer but my only iption is cook once. Where did cook multiple go
  2. Anyone else have an issue when you try to dye your costume? It wont show me the costume, only my default armor.
  3. Yea i think its bugged for broken items. I can pick up everything else with durability. But the broken tools just say you cant place an existing item. No pick up options
  4. I cant select it though. The only interation i get is the placememt menu. The utensil has a red checkmark showing its placed but you cant select it. And theres no cursor to move over the physical object in the house. Am i just blind or am i missing a button somewhere.
  5. Does anyone know how to het rid of the broken ones? Theres no remove option and my house looks like a chef graveyard
  6. Are you in the shipyard. Thats happening every time
  7. Im currently working on my fishing boat as well with the same outcome. I was going to post this last night, but went to bed instead, so im glad to see someone else took the initiative in bringing this issue up. The only fix is hard quitting the application and relaunching from the xbox home screen.
  8. My tv does have HDR but it doesnt work with the xbox. Its one of those black friday sale tv's when 4k first came out so compatability is a pain because i dont think its ever been updated to support the HDR feature for consoles. I had the same issue with my PS4 Pro on the same tv with it not recognizing the HDR. Its just wierd that the brightness fluctuates so much when my wife who plays right next to me on another screen doesnt have the issue. Its by no means stopping me from playing, the game is great i think, just annoying.
  9. No my game doesnt have any settings like that. Very basic things like camera effects, which i have turned to 0, but made no difference.
  10. Was a nice try. I figured it might be the HDR however apparently my TV doesnt even support HDR10 so its only native 4k UHD. I did drop it to 1080p just to see if that might do anything but it didnt seem to make a difference other than making the game look potato mode.
  11. So not sure if this is a bug or intended, but I have not seen any other reports similar yet. Does anyone else have an issue where the game gets super dark over and over due to lighting and reflections? I noticed that in the evening game time the game gets super dark and its almost impossible to see. Its like the brightness is auto adjusting over and over. Im using the xbox x with an lg tv display, my wife uses a default xbox 1 on a pc moniter and does not have this issue.
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