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  1. Blackhorn

    Lookin to join a guild

  2. Blackhorn

    [NA] group looking for guild (PVP/PVE)

  3. Drop in on Discord and I'll see if our officers are free to get you in!
  4. Perfect, please join our Discord and we will proceed from there. From the description you sound like a great fit for us. Our group has a lot of older guys and they're all very mature.
  5. Blackhorn

    6 people looking for a guild

    Do you like PvP? Do you enjoy sailing, blowing **** up, and making that loot? Are you looking for peeps that have 3 years of knowledge from the PC version? Blackwater my friend is for you guys. Drop by and message one of our officers. They should be online around noon time. https://discord.gg/djgNhvt
  6. Blackhorn

    LF Adult Only Guild

    Serendia 3
  7. Blackhorn

    LF Guild adult only EU

    Hey, check us out. Over here in Blackwater most of us are mature older guys. https://discord.gg/djgNhvt
  8. You seem perfect for our guild then. Let me get our officers to contact you, and please hop on over to Serendia 3.
  9. Bump Please join our discord if interested. https://discord.gg/djgNhvt