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  1. (Havoc) is recruiting! Do you strive to be the best? Do you want to earn your spot on the top? We have a strong core of members that are active and driven. We have limited spots left so if you think you have what it takes apply today. Requirements: -Witch & Wizards: 480+ with 184 AAP -All others: 490+ with 205 AAP (AP offhand) OR 184 AAP accuracy offhand/Kutum -A GS picture and the passing of our Combat Trial is required before admittance into the guild. -Must be able to attend Saturday Sieges -Discord! -Active on game and with guild. Focuses: -Sieges -Node Wars -Competitive -Improvement of our members -Overall betterment of the guild Guild offers: -Highest level guild on BDO -Longest lasting guild on BDO -All buffs -Community -Skilled Trainers to help your progression -Xbox gift card giveaway events More about us: Our goal is to become the best guild in BDO, we seek to constantly improve and grow. If interested in joining please; send me a Direct Message and join our discord. (Advent Mortem#6794) https://discord.gg/r6sWJSC
  2. I would be interested in joining. My GT is Advent Mortem, Discord Name is Advent Mortem#6794. My main is Lv. 56 and has a GS just over 300.
  3. Name(xbox/family/character: Advent Mortem (GT) Advent (Family) Lvl. 56 witch Lacryma "GS 300", Lvl. 49 Witch x2, and Lvl. 15 witch x3. Have you played PC BDO? Yes. Activity level and what kind of activities are you looking for? (Pvp pve lifeskill etc): Daily Grinder, PvP & Lifeskill. not looking to restrict myself. Anything else we should know?: I play most days, however the amount of time I play can vary. My time off from work is alternating weeks. So I can only do node wars, sieges, etc... every other week. Most top tier guilds frown on having a life so that's kinda off the table for me. This seemed like a good mid to upper mid guild. Looking forward to seeing you all in game.
  4. You also get CP from crafting, try cooking. There are some guides on how to start and it does make some good CP.
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