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  1. Regret is recruiting. Requirements: Level 59 & 460 Gear Score Node Wars on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Participation in 2/3 node wars is expected. Discord: We communicate via discord and use voice for node wars. All members are expected to use discord. Recruiting all classes. We have max guild buffs. If interested in joining, please reply here or contact an officer on Xbox Live. Leader XBL: Veritas Verum Officer XBL: Serberos Officer XBL: I wanna rub ya
  2. I cannot speak to rangers, but I just know he runs a witch and was constantly upset with getting 1 seal. There is definitely something off because he was higher level than me, better GS, AP wise as well by a significant amount, and I am talking like 10 times straight he would get 1 seal. Moved the same gear over, except swapped out the main weapon/sub weapon on the Musa, and has never gotten 1 hunter seal as a reward since. I also saw this constantly from my guild as well. Wizards and Witches seem to be getting 1 hunter seal from Kzarka.
  3. I should note that I have no PC experience. Just reading PC information for guidance, it does appear they add at least 1 additional way to get Kzarka weapons. So it appears that you can "earn" one rather than pure RNG. But I honestly believe there is some type of bug with wizards/witches and the loot rewards they get. On the flip side, the field bosses pretty much 1 shot most classes, making it a PITA for non-range classes to stay alive. Wizards and Witches seem to do well in those encounters.
  4. I do agree to some extent. That said, I have been extremely lucky and done Kzarka 20 or some times and gotten 2 Kzarka weapons. I was just using a +15 bares and a black abyssal weapon. That said, i was a melee character for both which seems to get better rewards than wizards and witches. So its definitely just alot of RNG, but on top of that, I feel like Wizards and Witches have some type of issue on Kzarka with either damage registering or getting reset or something. Feels bugged. As a low gearscore Berserker, I always got a few crystals, multiple hunter seals, a gold bar or two, and sometimes random loot like a witches earring. His witch had an AP of probably 25-50 than me and he always got 1 hunter seal. He switched to a Musa and now consistantly gets the same loot I do (minus the kzarka boxes).
  5. 2. Colorblind mode - I am color blind myself. If we wanted it to benefit the community as a whole, why not just let us change colors from a palette like our armor for minimap items? 5. Block a person - I vote for this. 6. Invulnerability for tears - I agree, this is annoying. 9. Guild and Party Waypoints - Totally agree, even to start if it is just a party leader can set a way point.
  6. UI Quality of Life Changes; These suggestions would benefit all users and also assist colorblind users. Roughly 8 percent of men are colorblind. Many users would like to change the color of certain things to make it easier. We don't even necessarily need a "colorblind" mode. We can dye our armor any color we want right? Why cant we do a few simple things that would benefit the whole community, and hopefully resolve colorblind players issues as well. I myself am color blind and play BDO everyday. These are the things I notice that would really be beneficial to not only color blind users, but the community as a whole. Under the Settings - User interface, 1. Minimap - Ability to change enemies, quest enemies color. Give us the option to change Minimap colors. Specifically for enemies (red). I am color blind myself, and I cannot see the current red. I can't even see the dots against the background. Essentially, I can only use the mini map, A. When mobs are a quest target and it changes to whatever color that is, or B. for navigation. This is a huge disadvantage as I have no way of telling where enemies are. Essentially my mini map is useless except for just general navigation. It would also give non-coloblind users the ability to change it to whatever they want. This should be the highest priority, as it really does put certain players at a major disadvantage. 2. Chat Colors - Give us the ability to change chat colors for the different groups. This is not as critical as the minimap, but it would be nice to be able to change the colors of each group of chat. Again, the whole community benefits, but it also really helps colorblind people. 3. Change player name settings - Show/hide, font size, colors I don't know about anyone else, but its hard to read player names for me. Would it be difficult to allow us to change the font size their name appears and the color of their name? Maybe be able to hide their guild name, title, family name if we want? I don't really care about someone's family name(i know some people would) or the persons title. It just makes each of the 4 to small for me to read quickly. It would be nice if players could hide/show what they want. Its to much clutter. Having the ability to even show/hide the ones we want would be a huge step.
  7. Serberos

    Skill Guide

    Thank you, this helps a lot. Mostly just looking for PVE grind skills right now. I am not that high of level and not PVPing much yet. I can always reset them to be more pvp oriented when I get up there.
  8. Serberos

    Skill Guide

    Are there any good guides to leveling up the Beserker class. As in, it shows what skills to allocate first?
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