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    I'm in love with it because of how cute it is and its animations. Look-and-animation-wise everything's great! I've only played her to level 40 and have yet to fully try all her skills, but so far what I think of her combat (this is for PVE, I don't PVP enough yet to count) Boomerang: Every single boomerang skill does like a crap-ton of hits!!! Again I haven't gotten far with her but it seems she has some SOLID damage in PVE, and that's what I was afraid of she wouldn't have (= I like how the range of her skills varies and you have to think about your positioning and direction of movement, makes the combat a bit more interesting. Looks cool - some look high-tech depending on how you dye them Sounds acceptable - OK so when grinding you hear your attacks over and over and over... I also play a Lahn main, Witch, and Sorc and out of all of them, the Shai sounds the least annoying to me when grinding. For others, I have to turn the effects and voice sound to almost zero, this one I can keep it higher and not go insane, so far...Also, her kitten-"miu" sound and tiny voice, when she's jumping or fighting, sounds better than the incessant moaning and screaming that some of the other female classes do for almost every move (looking at you Witch!). Vitclari: It feels like she needs more skills with it, maybe add some more AOEs with CC effects (take out damage if that makes it too OP), maybe add a buff to make everyone run faster, or a buff to make everyone invisible for a bit, or a buff that makes a magic portal (how neat would that be)...fun stuff like that. She's support after all and lots of stuff can be done with that focus for AOE support and CC spells. The few healing and support skills she has with it do look very nice though (= I have a feeling they will add more skills. Also, we've yet to see her awakening and how it combines with the current weapon set, I can't wait to see it!!! So far I think it will be my "second main" too for a while, along with Lahn.
  2. What's the problem here? What's the debate? I thought karma was there so you can kill people sometimes but not all the the time. Which allows people who want to be OVER lvl 50 AND enjoy PVE (God forbid!) for a while to not be killed ALL THE TIME when they have no interest in PVPing at the moment. It prevents those annoying people who like to kill people who are OBVIOUSLY NOT INTERESTED, so both sides are happy most of the time. Also if you're gonna kill someone aren't you doing it for some sort of a challenge, so weird I get killed as I was tending my farm then went to grab a drink. Are people so bad at PVP and desperate they have to kill an AFK person or someone farming, wow. That's why karma...
  3. I logged in to make a post about exactly this. Yes, please, give us bank sorting! The larger my storage grows the more time I'm spending in the game just looking for the icons so I can retrieve the item I want. There should be a Sort option like the inventory and some kind of search filter would be nice as well.
  4. Yes please, how are people new to BDO supposed to know any of these other quests exist? I found out they were turned off by default after wondering what happened to the life quests in the xbox version? If someone never played this on PC they wouldn't know! On top of this we have to reactivate the life quests each time we log in 🤨
  5. Definitely agree about auto-placing the items when you select a recipe from your known list. I don't want to remember or have to check the amount of ingredients every time. Even in real life cooking you can have a recipe open while cooking. The game life skills should at least be as easy as real life versions 😉 I remember on the PC version there is a way to auto-place as well. Another note about the recipe list: we need a search filter. These lists get long, lets make this easy and enjoyable to use: search recipe, select it, then auto-place.
  6. I agree this is rather tedious to have to remember to check Life quests on every time you log into your character. It should remember those settings. Another handy feature for the quests would be to check off which ones you want to appear in the quests list that hovers under your mini-map. When you have 20+ quests active you're not doing them all a the same time, it would be nice to pick which ones you want to see active. One more little thing that's annoying, when in quests list they're separated into categories like life quest, story quest etc and you can collapse or expand those lists, which is nice. But when you close the quests list and open it again all the categories are collapsed again. It's not a big deal but it would be nice if the list remains how you left it.
  7. I've realised since my post that the chat can be hidden by adding the "Chat" menu item to one of your ring menus. Still wish to have an option for the name tags, alerts etc. Glad I'm not the only one suffering from hidden interface edges 🤨
  8. They don't really get "smarter" but they do get faster and harder in higher levels. You'll need to keep upgrading your gear to keep up too. At least that was my PC experience.
  9. I know there's a number of glitches and things missing on the xbox version, but these two affect gameplay the most for me (and I imagine many others) and should not be complicated to put in. Please put these in the next update: Settings to hide parts of the interface: specifically player names & bars and that annoying giant chat screen (often riddled with comments that most normal people wouldn't want to be reading). A setting to Scale HUD. I was sadly surprised on my 55" hdtv the outer edges of the UI are hidden beyond the screen. I tried my TV settings which allowed me to fix it very marginally. Xbox games like Witcher 3 & ESO have "scale HUD" option where you can move 4 corners to the edges of your screen and the UI doesn't go beyond that. Please make this one happen. Thank you in advance!
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