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  1. You sound salty. The game is performing well and is bringing players to the platform. Adding BD to gamepass was a very clever business move for PA and mutually beneficial to MS.
  2. Yup, they want you to spend $$ on pearl shop outfits for Valk's Cry
  3. When things seem stagnant in one area, usually means there's new opportunity in another. Perhaps its time to get a little more serious about Fishing/Trading?
  4. Well the problem right now with gear is that most DUO/TRI Ultimate Weapons/Armors haven't hit their max CM price yet so people aren't really selling them and then there's tons of preorders on them too. Problem with pets, as stated above, they're just too cheap for whales to want to sell.
  5. I've got over 3bil on the market and things are selling, so I'm not sure what you mean here.
  6. What exactly was delayed if nothing was promised?
  7. They should let us keep consumable event items like Pirate's Rum after the event is over mane
  8. He's so right though, some of ya'll need to just chill out and let the Xbox player's enjoy their game. This is coming from a PC vet who didn't get Valencia for a long time after launch and needed every bit of that time to prepare and learn the game.
  9. I make atleast 50m every day and I afk most of the day. I probably actively play 3-4 hours per day when I have time. My approach may be bad advice but this is what worked for me, although I'm a master lifeskiller and was making 50m a day since week 2.
  10. Some of you have never played Maplestory and it shows... lol but forreal, atleast in BDO it displays your failstacks and even your success chance so you know the exact risk every single time. Traditionally, Korean grinder MMOs have not been so forthright with the RNG.
  11. Get treant spirit accessory set. Force enhance your gear to +15. Buy grunil/yuria from NPC if none in CM to repair max. Buy/Farm stones which is easy now with the Hot Time event (utilize this every day). Go to Mediah, farm until Asula set is complete. Farm/Lifeskill enough silver to upgrade gear until BiS (google it). Slowly replace each +15 piece with DUO/TRI pieces you bought off CM. Once you really get a good Farm/Lifeskill routine you should be making 50mil per day EASY. TRI Ultimage Grunil chest piece costs like 88mil, to put things in perspective. Once you have TRI everything + Asula set, you can either start wasting hundreds of millions in silver on jamming current BiS accessories together or stack your bread and wait for Valencia.
  12. The fact that a message was never posted in chat and players farmed through the weekend wasting many hours makes this a plausible request. People are so quick to shout entitled when this actually is grounds for compensation, wow.
  13. You are reading it correctly. The event will run between those times on each of those days. The reason users may seem to be getting the buff at random times is that the event times have been temporarily modified leading up to this weeks maintenance, after which the event will revert back to the original times listed. That is incorrect lol
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