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  1. actually made me laugh a little 😂
  2. Lmao nice meme, how's the desert farming? Thought the desert effect would suck but any self healing keeps it easy.
  3. Lol no problem honestly bdo gift boxes were surprising thoughtful from the devs
  4. Nope those are levels required. Make a sure your inventory isn't filled.
  5. Lol they got it around 14-20 trys my friend was like Holy crap they got it lmao later that night at the new world boss we asked them and they said it cost as much as a old car 😂
  6. Yeah I agree I was really hoping PEN would be scrapped tbh...
  7. There is already over a handful of people with pen on Xbox lol they paid for it, Cron crystals are expensive Ironically one of them is named mspaytowin Lol I actually like that name because now it's proven to be true
  8. This game allows anyone with a credit card to get to Pen in a few hours so. Yeah do with that as you will
  9. Lol I mean Doe's it surprise you, to be fair it was funny and I have friends that teach me the new updates LMAO
  10. Tet was okay but pen is a cash grab... Someone spent over $1000 spamming pen... P2W much
  11. I know this is not about the topic, but why was pen rushed into the game? I'm completely fine with Tet. But Pen is what broke PC Balance. Also I got 1.2% from all valencia quest which was depression but those valk boxes where great haha thank you guys keep up the great work. Thanks for adding the desert fox 🦊, little guy is awesome.
  12. Oh lol my friends ranger says otherwise 😂
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