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  1. Would like to say i was very impressed with how they implemented the hide others option so quickly, Fps during my fights has been amazing! But there is definitely still a ton of lag when fighting the boss, but overall very happy with how quickly we have gone from 1 fps a minute to a solid 30 within a single patch. Heres to hoping more servers are added to accomodate the large player base!
  2. Melee is an absolute fiesta cannot see much either as camera can only zoom out so far
  3. I have an XB1X and after lastnight attempted lowering graphics, arguably worse tonight with more people arriving and everything, game was unplayable.
  4. Sorry im a lil mad my xbox warns me to stop playing a game i payed for mid boss 'fight' lmao
  5. Pathetic excuse of a vital part of the game, 5 frames per second. Cant cast abilities, cant react to attacks. Needs to be fixed immediately or watch the numbers fall. Looks like its going to blow my xbox up. Shame.
  6. Good to know they are aware of the issue, will i just automatically get my silver back once its fixed or?
  7. Was transferring my silver from my central market balance to my storage and it just disappeared? Ive looked everywhere and cant see it anywhere, i know 1mil isnt much to some people but ive only just started. What do i do?
  8. As of 7th of March its popped up as the cover of "New games" on the xbox store in Australia. Yet to be actually avaliable, though safe to say it will be soon, as the same thing happened with TERA and it came shortly after.
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