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  1. Vanille

    Lahn Guide

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCImg_KODNu1mxkLiuXbMfLA Great to help you with starting out with Lahn.
  2. You don't like this game. But you play it. If you don't like a game, you play something else. That's what most people do. If you don't like a game but you continue to play it everything you say starts to become an opinion. At this point I honestly think you're trolling. Your argumentative and annoying. Having a discussion with you is not ideal. You're very negative and because we like the game you hate that. You want everyone to hate the game like you do because you simply don't like the game.. You want to force your opinions on others so that others would agree with you. At this point I don't know why we are even at this point. You could've left already. Enjoying something else but alas.. you just want to argue argue argue.
  3. EU and NA are two different cultures.
  4. Here is a question for everyone who's not enjoying this game and don't really like the PvP. Do you enjoy the game for what it is? It's a yes or no question. It's not ok to force your opinions that you guys have said COUNTLESS times on people. That's not ok. It's not right. You have to leave other people to make their own opinions. If you don't like the game you can always leave but other than that. There is a suggestion forums and there is already a POST about the open world PVP who seriously don't like it. But hey. You guys have to keep on complaining. @Yiazzy. I got you with the NA screen shot. The game clearly is not dead.
  5. It's true. You're ignoring a whole aspect of a game simply because you "don't like it." It's very relevant because it's exactly what this is all about. Yes, playing video games is wasting ones time but people who do play games enjoy their time spent playing video games. Not complaining why they don't like the game. Normally people play other games because there are THOUSANDS of games out there to play that will SUIT how you want to play. Lets be realistic here. The game has been on the PC since 2014. That's 6 years and that's a very long time to not do anything for people who dislike PvP. So what do you do at this point? You either live with it and play the game for what it is or you play another game. It's very simple. It doesn't make any sense why you say "fanboys" I mean if you're a fan of the game clearly you support the game and play it. You are not a fan of the game.
  6. You're to sensitive to think what I said wasn't nice. It was very well mannered post. Clearly.. you don't enjoy this game yet you keep playing it. The question now is very simple. Do you enjoy playing the game? You don't seem to be enjoying it at all. You "delete" your 50+ characters because you are tired of "pvp." You're basically wasting your time. So the smart thing to do is to move on. No one dislikes a game and keeps playing it. No one is forcing you to play this game but yourself.
  7. It’s people like you who come on the forums who whine and complain about a game that they play yet you have the audacity to say the game is trash. It doesn’t make sense. What’s the point on trashing a game you don’t like? Why are you here? Not every game will be liked by people. But that doesn’t give you the right to spew your negativity towards other people and new players in hopes to achieve your agenda of the game dying. People like you are the problem. It’s not right to force your opinions on other people. All you have to do is ask yourself do you really enjoy playing the game? Do you dislike it? Most people who don’t like games stop playing, return the game and move on. But no it’s the same group of people who literally hate how the game is played and they voice their opinion over and over. Its not right. You said what you had to say. I’m ok with the open PvP but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I just deal with what the game has to offer. If someone flag on me I try to fight back. The thrill of fighting back is fun tbh. But if I lose I move servers and move on. Or I get my guild buddies to come help me out. I hope I said this in a cordial and nice manner. G’day.
  8. You have to be on the same server. For an example. You both have to be on Serendia-3. Same thing goes when it comes to recruiting people.
  9. The only PvE things that you can do is do world boss, field boss and do nothing but grind all day on mobs without worrying about dying. There are no dungeons, there are no raids. Just grinding. So imagine a PvE server with nothing but grinding endlessly. or You can have all of those things including PvP with the extra thrill of knowing someone could possibly gank you "just because" or whatever their reason may be is much more fun. The game has been on the PC for 3 years and not once have they added PvE servers. 3 years is a very long time and it not being added should tell people something. To be honest there are NOT many open world MMORPG games that have open world PvP in it. So there is also that. This game was made with pvp in mind and I believe it will stay that way. I'm not that strong as a player but I do fight for my life and either I win or lose it will still be a fun experience.
  10. Crescent Blade but it sucks, lol. I even tried the skill add on for more HP and it's not that efficient, unfortunately. You just have to make it work. There are a lot of videos on youtube on Lahns.. you should start there.
  11. This statement applies only pre-awakening. But please yes. Scare people away because I don't want people playing this character when awakening comes out!
  12. I honestly haven't had any issues with Lahn. You just need to gear towards accuracy. So getting Red Coral rings, getting marks, witches all tri is very important. You need Bheg gloves and Kzarka, need to tri those asap. Need dim tree belt as well. Lahn is in no way weak just gear dependent and accuracy dependent. Most of the Lahn most used skills are in awakening. This class also high skill ceiling. p.s: You may think you're not doing damage but really you don't have enough accuracy.
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