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  1. I just got the art 2 trading buff for Valencia. When using to sell fish is it the trade manager in Valencia I sell to or do I need to go somewhere else? Or do anything extra?
  2. Laid back and active player looking to join a drama free guild that has a pvp focus. Currently close to 500gs and multiple characters. I would be able to commit to the Saturday siege for sure and probably a few during the week.
  3. Yeah have tried that several times".......
  4. I have been playing BDO since launch and have been having more and more performance issues lately. I am currently using a wired connection, Xbox one X and now a 3.1Samsung T5 SSD. The last few days I have been getting kicked to loading screens multiple times and just now 3 load screens within 5 minutes. I really love this game but this lag and loading screen interruptions are starting to wear on me.
  5. Been playing since launch no issues until recently. Laggy and random kicks back to loading screen. Any suggestions on how to improve performance? Or is this a BDO/ PA thing?
  6. Same thing here too. Will this impede further life skill related quests?
  7. Have a residence in Velia and items in storage too. Can't rent storage from Ernill
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