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  1. This is not should a dev thought. BDO Can run smooth on Xbox, ofc the some unstable things could happen, but not has is doing, it's almost unplayable. And I have tried play on my low notebook in low settings, I risk to say I could play better there
  2. Agree 100%. I just not playing because of it. So they lose players
  3. It was not my intention to be ignorant to you
  4. I can say to you it's Xbox one S... About other questions I don't think it's Metter since this problem only with this game and I can say other ppl have same
  5. I just made another question with same problem, and I have Xbox one S... Well while the problem don't get fixed I prefer play others games that suffer on BDO
  6. And they its not going to repair it or this Gen of consoles don't support the game requeriment? I am not main English talker so I am out of the news and what they is doing for the game, I don't follow fóruns or comment here. I just came because have months of the release on Xbox and seem they is doing nothing for this and ppl is playing like this problem is just with me hehehe
  7. I have big problem with rendering while playing. Most times I go to the npc locations and have to wait until they shows up. I am really think to stop game because of it
  8. On my Xbox the loadings untill select character takes a long time. Sometimes get error and need restart the game. Also the rendering also causes stuck while I in game playing
  9. CocaCola

    Scroll Bug?

    Hi there I am new here and into the game, just came to tell if someone else noticed scroll bug ?
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