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  1. #2 is a biggie for me! my Xbox gets moved to different TV's around the house so going from my 55 to my 42 things get cut off, but to the projector its fine.
  2. That is for PC, not Xbox version. There are about 3 years worth of differences lol not just including areas, story, and classes, but UI, menus, and Mechanics
  3. No, when your skills lever up Gathering, Processing, Cooking, Ect. the bonuses are based on your class rather than what specifically you are gathering or processing. To me it actually seems to go the opposite direction of what you do the most HAHA 🤣
  4. Hmm given some other game mechanics, I wouls suspect it would be a waste until the 90 day is up. So personally I would wait. But i suppose never know until you try! 😛
  5. As stated, you will need to invest in the connecting nodes; Between the invested city and all those connecting in between. If you are unsure which nodes are required to activate the one you are wanting, you can click "Previous Nodes" which will highlight all of the required nodes. Happy empire Building 😋
  6. This was the most requested on PC for the last 3 years running. I'm still hoping they would finally implement it.
  7. just as the Nodes, you may only have 1 worker processing residential crafting at a time. You would need to own another Shipyard for multiple workers to craft.
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