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  1. I changed settings in the first couple of days of release including audio levels, ring menu configuration and which outfit pieces I had toggled on or off. I have since had to make changes every time I log on that do not hold true through a cycle of logging off then back on. I was under the impression this was being fixed in the patch but I'm on my wizard now and my settings are as they were once again. Vivva LaPone
  2. I don't believe the BDO developers should be held responsible for controlling the internet, sorry. Proper profanity filter? Sure. Toxic actions? Punishable. But global chat is vital to MMOs... Lame toxic ppl in chats can expose themselves all they want.
  3. I understand the issue with full blown keyboard and mouse support with a majority controller player base on Xbox in terms of mechanical advantage. However, a lot of players who will be seriously playing this game on console will be using a chat pad or USB keyboard for text. Can we get better keyboard support for chatting only, to help the community thrive through communication like a real MMORPG does on PC? Current Chat Process: Menu button on Xbox controller to open chat D-pad on Xbox controller to desired channel X on Xbox controller to open on-screen keyboard Type on USB keyboard Start on controller to close on-screen keyboard A on controller to send text B on controller to close chat Proposed USB keyboard supported chat process: Enter on keyboard to open chat Keyboard arrows to desired channel Typing automatically registers in text bar Enter to send message ESC to close chat This would not give a mechanical advantage in the sense of outperforming non keyboard users. It would instead push everyone to use some sort of physical keyboard for Xbox and open of the flood gates of community chat that are gated behind a difficult to use chat system! Everyone thumbs up if you would like to see this in a future update!
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