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  1. Can only customize the back hair and not the front.
  2. Varoi

    PVP Damage

    Read Pc Patch notes it's more up to date. Adjusted the very low damage the attack skills used with the florang dealt when in PVP, and now they can make more than a certain level of damage. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2946 https://streamable.com/d9nsm
  3. Are some classes more difficult or easier on console then pc?
  4. I don't care much about the spoken language but game text would be nice. played bdo on pc from release and the german translation was really horrible. Now the game on Xbox is on german and it's really confusing
  5. perhaps the problem is this inputs would come in conflict with the inputs from the awakening
  6. Is it possible to only switch the language from blackdesert and not the system of the x box one and other games?
  7. Varoi


    Thats nothing im from switzerland and there in store 1000 pearls are CHF 9.90 and 10'000 Pearls are CHF 139.00. CHF 1.00 are somewhat around 1 Dollar
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