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  1. It's not a case of upset about it it boils down to a few things: 1) Xboxs are not designed to be under load 24/7 (they can be on 24/7 but on at dashboard or low usage app is different to on in full 3d game...before the "but my xbox is on 24/7"...good for you bit they are not designed for it and this shortens their life dramatically and in the extreme could cause a fire). The PC version has an option to shrink the app to the desktop and use nearly no resources...xbox doesn't have that option (xbox suspended apps get closed in less than an hour) 2) we live in a society where we are trying to reduce our energy consumption for the betterment of our children. There is zero point to the timers not working offline (it is better for the servers if people are not always on afk.... a post further up from the guy saying it is bad actually made my head hurt) 3) you dont always want to play the same game, on PC that's no issue, use the "to tray option" and load up another game. On xbox you cant do that. If the PC and xbox build were identical then it would be a mute point but this doesn't work for the console. It is a bad idea and in the long run this could cost pearl a lot of cash (8 months a year down the line when xboxs start dieing this game could be the cause....ok unlikely they will get sued but it's possible) Important: research the xbox architecture and the always on for 10 years declaration before posting "mines on for x time" understand the difference between a console on under load and on idle. If you cant be bothered to research this then turn the xbox off for 2 hours, then on leave idle for 5 hours....feel the tempeture, hear the noise of the fans. Now turn off for 2 hours and load Netflix, leave idle for 5 hours.... feel the tempetures, listen to the fan.. now turn off for 2 hours and load black desert, leave idle/fishing etc for 5 hours... feel temperatures listen to the fan. The results will be obvious. If I could move my progress, my items, my Pearl's, my value pack status to PC I would. Sadly i have spent to much to not play it but i will be at a massive handicap as I wont leave my xbox on when not playing for more than a couple of hours and never when not home.
  2. I wondered why they did it. I always assumed less people logged on meant thier servers are less stressed. But yeah I see the logic. Hopefully they will change it on console but I doubt it. Love the game but hate that mechanic.
  3. It's designed to be on non stop for 10 years (according to microsoft) it does this by running in low power when doing things (not as low as standby but close) apps in the background are suspended after a while (that causes a kick from the server) On running a game is another matter, the cpu goes into high gear, the gpu too. Easy to see, feel your console when on over night on the dashboard vs a few hours gameplay I promise you it will be noticeably hotter. There is no need for the devs to force you to be online for stuff like this.
  4. Having to leave your console on for a timer that could and should carry on when offline is nuts. Why on earth do they need you online for this? Value packs timer goes down when offline so it's clear they have the mechanics to do it.
  5. That's nuts! Leaving an xbox on 24/7 under load will kill it in a few months. To be honest it would do damage to PC's too although I guess alt stabbing and blowing the cpu priority would reduce load in that situation.
  6. I planted some peppers and they have a timer of 8 hours. I played for about an hour then went to sleep. Had 7 hours sleep. Logged in and their timer says 6 hours 30! SO THATS BOTH THE WORKERS AND FARMS THAT ARE NOT WORKING WHEN LOGGED OUT. I hope this is a bug that will be fixed fast, the only method at the minute is to leave the xbox on (xboxs are not designed to be on and under load 24/7! Not to mention we live in a society where we are trying to lower carbon footprints)
  7. All the videos I have watched say you do it from the "my gardens"screen but they all seem to be pc vids. Since the crop I need is going to take 8 hours I would prefer to have the worker sort it, no way am I staying online to tend to my crops for 8 hours lol
  8. Do you guys have any guild points put into the lifeskills? Currently in a guild of just me and a mate (who only plays on a friday...and isnt that into the game lol) I would need to leave that to join you guys (think theres a 24hour cool down? not sure, at work at mo so cant check) so assuming you have a slot, are not going to force anyone into playing at set times...and ideally have atleast gathering 1.... where do I sign up?) Me: 40 years old, matureish, prefer PVE, will often jump to other games but likely to be on at the very least once a week (everyday at mo). I have a mic but at times do not always feel like talking (work can be taxing). English speaking......dyslexic so excuse typos lol Gamertag TheDaveStream
  9. Xboxs are not designed to run under load 24/7. They are designed to be ok if on and at the dashboard 24/7 but that's massively different to running a game. On the PC you would alt tab and set the CPU priority to low. You cant do that on an xbox. This is a big issue the developers need to address. Personally I dont want to use a ton of electricity and shorten the life of my console because the energy regen needed for aspects of a game is set too low lol
  10. It's taken me 2 weeks to get to 8 million lol though getting ingame currency is not my goal, just having fun playing is my goal. But I was speaking of the pearl price. I stocked up my Pearl's to buy a 16 slot upgrade for characters...turns out it was only one character it upgraded! I did look through the central market for value packs and inventory upgrades...none but the market is not exactly straight forward. As I say I now have the cap at 80 but that's not the issue, it's how long it take to charge. 1 energy every 3 minutes when logged in ..... that's 4 hours to fully charge! 1 energy every minute if asleep in a bed.... thats 1 hour 20 of sitting watching my character sleep Offline...1 energy an hour!!! 3 days 8 hours! A few times I have left my console on simply to recharge my energy, not ideal or advisable.
  11. true, though pearl shop items mentioned above is not a good suggestion. microtransactions in games should really only be cosmetic, BDO seems to be full of major boosts for stupidly high prices My max energy is now 80, though it is very rare that I have that much as it generates so slowly. Think you would need to leave the game on non stop all day to get the most of the energy system (at the cost of your xbox and electricity bill lol)
  12. My workers only seem to be working when I am logged in to the game. They have full stamina etc. I am not at my xbox at mo but they are mostly around hiedl (may be spelling that wrong...second city you find) most say they will take an hour or so to bring resources in and are set to repeat 50k times.
  13. What we need is a chat filter on and off. The ability to mute people from our feeds The ability to report people who are being majorly toxic in chat (theres a difference between being ok with seeing strong language and dealing with someone who is talking about gassing people or swearing nonstop.) We could do with actual gms monitoring chat. With the ridiculously high cost of "pearls" onto of the not free game they must have the money to pay some living wage employees to monitor chat and assist players.
  14. Thank you very helpful. Though with workers I have been feeding them grilled bird meat 2 chicken meat / 6 deep fat oil / 1 salt / 2 cooking wine. It does +3 stamina where beer is +2.... no idea if the extra plus makes that much difference though
  15. You guys are using terms I just dont get, what is karma blessing? What is villabuff? I did not get a chance to play in beta or play the first week. Chances are a lot of people reading this will be just as confused. Please I am grateful you have taken the time to reply and help but please explain what you mean. Fishing: seems to be the oddball, it's soo slow fishing quests have been dull as hell. It seems to be geared fully at doing it afk....leaving an xbox on all night under load is a bad idea. Drastically shorten the devices life. The other skills all require gathering and energy use to set up.....ok a network of workers can get some cooking ingredients...again only if your online. Energy use in this game is a nightmare. Useful info thank you, had planned to explore at my own pace but seems the game may need me to explore faster, planned around the map earlier and it's a decent size. Knowing the map is due to grow too is awesome.
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