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  1. Rubber band and a piece of tape. So yes possible and has been done. Can do 1-2 hours afk before I have to check in and drop of trash. Profitable? Yes and No. Depends on location.
  2. Not sure if its a bug or not added but shining medals for boss aura ie: Kzarka Aura is not appearing. I was hoping to make this Capotia Ring but don't have any Kzarka Aura.
  3. Attatched is a Video clip of this issue As far as I'm aware of some other people are experiencing this same issue.
  4. Any time Misty Haze is cast no debuff icon appears. On Xbox One X. I will have an attatched video link after it uploads. The video will show that Mist Haze is not applying the -10% DP debuff to the mob based off of damage output and no icon appearing. Aside from this it was working fine before the Tuesday update.
  5. Misty Haze is failing to debuff mobs in its radius. No -DP Icon tested it through the full duration of the song no debuff appeared. Tried reconnecting to the game didn't help.
  6. But aren't they adding Dark Rifts? Not saying its guaranteed DUO Accessories it is an added option into the pool for gearing up.
  7. Anyone have any idea what it is. Had full S on ecology of serendia and now there is a fat "????????" bugging me.
  8. Found it. It was Carrot Confit... Forgot you could look in a utensil for the recipe *Facepalm*
  9. I have looked at that too there is no gap between whale meat salad and special carrot juice. Shrimp/Lobster IE "prawn salad" is something we do not have yet.
  10. Yes i only listed the first 6 since the rest is unneeded.
  11. Some recipies are not in the knowledge entries yet. Listed as I see the entries. 1 Fresh Hunter's Salad 2 Hunter's Salad 3 Whale Meat Salad 4 ?????????????? 5 Special Carrot Juice 6 High Quality Carrot Juice
  12. Discussions on both sides (PvE and PvP )get more people talking about it, introducing more people to the game creating an endless cycle that there is no definative answer to nor will PA give you one. The collide between sides is what they want because if it was directed as PvE or PvP less people would but heads from both sides.
  13. With how expansive the game is it has a fair balance between the two options.
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