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  1. Silencium

    Don't be scared of the stack

    Just a Lifeskiller. Figure just go for it. Ya fail well ya fail.
  2. Silencium

    Don't be scared of the stack

    No, seen a 0 FS PEN on PC Whats funny is how many people this will trigger.
  3. Fear = Failure
  4. Silencium

    Drop rate changed or just bad rng?

    RNG is RNG but Kama, T10, 5 Luck, 4800Knowledge and 4 hours of drop scrolls. Approx 6000 kills @ Hexe no Witch Earring and approx 20 ARS. I know RNG is RNG but i have grinded @ Hexe for about 300 hours avg. 1-2 witch an hour and avg 6-12 ARS. Either I have good RNG or somethings off.
  5. Silencium


    Arti 8 able to make. 👍
  6. Silencium

    Balance discussion in general

    Against anyone decently geared its not as effective.
  7. Silencium

    Balance discussion in general

    Ranger has 1 CC every 7 s, 1 very situational SA, 1 stif every 15 s. Ranger sits at major disadvantage against any class with good mobiility, frontal guards, or multiple SA. Ranger also does not have any resistance passive skills like some classes. IMO until Awakening ranger is frustrating to pvp with.
  8. Silencium

    Ecology Soft Cap

    I believe the soft cap is around 6100, can anyone confirm this barely hit 4200.
  9. Silencium

    Quick Knowledge From Reading Books

    Amity gained ecology should be the only reason you reset knowledge aka S rank.
  10. Silencium

    Where is Chuck Laurie ?

    Got his Knowledge from a Bookshelf. Think that the only way RN
  11. Silencium

    Seeing Traded # Specifics CM

  12. So T6-T7 are in game?
  13. I know you can see the Total Trade Number on the CM for an item but can you see for specifics? i.e.: Duo Zereth Helm, +4 Steel Champron, or any othee sub catagory of an item.
  14. Silencium

    The Free Market

    Seen Mem Frags lately lol down to 795k this morning I see weapon stones bottoming out no lower than 190k.
  15. Silencium

    The Free Market

    Supply and Demand. Theres no easy way to look at it but the value of lifeskilling continues to decrease. If anyone has been following market prices at a normal rate you know what I'm talking about. The constant undercutting and intentional Price Bombing because of impatience. I get the idea of a "Free" Market but does everything need to actually be free? With uneducated or impatient people, Life skillers that understand if everyone sells at max price people will buy at max price, are force with a join the mob of marginal profits or attempt to fight it and attempt to stabalize the market. Given there are items that stay stable (for now) but as time goes on I feel a mass amount of undercutting will ruin lifeskillers ability to have a income compairable to a grinders. At the end of the day it is what it is, just kinding of hoping this might open some peoples eyes a bit if they intend on Lifeskilling for Income. Any other lifeskillers feeling this or have i just lost my marbles?