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  1. Anyone have any idea what it is. Had full S on ecology of serendia and now there is a fat "????????" bugging me.
  2. Found it. It was Carrot Confit... Forgot you could look in a utensil for the recipe *Facepalm*
  3. I have looked at that too there is no gap between whale meat salad and special carrot juice. Shrimp/Lobster IE "prawn salad" is something we do not have yet.
  4. Yes i only listed the first 6 since the rest is unneeded.
  5. Some recipies are not in the knowledge entries yet. Listed as I see the entries. 1 Fresh Hunter's Salad 2 Hunter's Salad 3 Whale Meat Salad 4 ?????????????? 5 Special Carrot Juice 6 High Quality Carrot Juice
  6. Discussions on both sides (PvE and PvP )get more people talking about it, introducing more people to the game creating an endless cycle that there is no definative answer to nor will PA give you one. The collide between sides is what they want because if it was directed as PvE or PvP less people would but heads from both sides.
  7. With how expansive the game is it has a fair balance between the two options.
  8. Just as it is shown when people succeed at TRI, TET, And PEN ; Carry this system to Life Skill Clothes so people can see when somebody succeeds at +4 Cooks Clothes or when that madman goes for +5 Trader's Clothes. Majority of the time nobody even knows you tried +4 Clothes. It would be kind of nice to share the joy and sorrow of going for those enhancements with not only guildies but the server as a whole.
  9. I have done a lot of digging and I can't find the 4th cooking entry under "Raw Food". I have completed all cooking entries except this one. Anyone have a clue what it is?
  10. 1.5 Canape, Teff Sandwich, +4 Cooks Clothes, Advanced Utensil. Just hit Master 16 😉
  11. Attempted to carft this w/ 2x TQ Honey 4x Full bodied exotic herbal wine 10x sugar 2x fruit. Got the message " Failed to Produce a Result Due to Insufficient Skill". I am Master 15 this recipe requires Beginner 1. I assume this is unintended.
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