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  1. The game is now on the Aussie store. Do a search if you want the game only edition for $14.
  2. No, you can play it if you're in Australia and New Zealand, or any other place not mentioned. You just need to buy a US store code and switch your location to the US to buy it.
  3. So there's no point keeping all of these take out dishes etc that I keep getting from cooking? Just sell them all to a random merchant?
  4. I've been looking for info all over the net for this info. Where do you sell the plates of food you get from cooking? What is the name of the NPC and where are they?
  5. Since the update I cannot search for anything with the Central Market search feature with LT+X. Has this been happening for anyone else? Is there a way to fix it? I'm playing on the US server Serenida 3 if that matters at all.
  6. They need to fix the quest settings in character profile, they have to be selected each time I log in and feeding the hungry worker quest in western guard camp. How long is maintenance? Will there always be a new update to download afterwards?
  7. Just got the wolf meat dried for this quest but cannot hand the 2 fragrant jerky in to the worker. It says that the quest is still in progress.
  8. Okay I live in Australia and I grabbed Black Desert from the US store. I'm wondering are Aussie players playing on a certain server like how things usually go with most MMORPGs? Which server? EDIT: I just picked Serendia 3. I'm hoping it's not overcrowded.
  9. Try googling a website named play-asia. For some reason I can't post the link here. They have a tonne of different region digital cards there and you don't need a US address to buy from there. Actually go to pcgamesupply they give you your code as soon as you pay for it, no waiting. I grabbed the $10 edition of the game and plan to upgrade in a week or so to one of the other editions.
  10. I'm giving up on waiting for the Aussie release and going to get it from the US store today. Things are taking way too long with the game's release here and the developers won't give us any info other than "soon".
  11. I asked about this on the game's official facebook page on Friday and the only answer I was given by the page owner was that the game would be out soon. If and when they actually do release the game, I hope they give us the pre-order items since we were cheated out of pre-ordering the game.
  12. I shouldn't have to buy the game from another region to play it. It costs extra money to do that. Did US players have to buy the game from another region? Did EU players? No, why should I have to? There's the whole having to buy store gift cards to just buy in-game credit all of the time. USA player's don't know anything when it comes to this stuff. Has there ever been an online game where the US wasn't given an online server to play on? How often does a game not get released in the US?
  13. At least you people have a server to play on, they haven't even released the game in my country yet.
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