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  1. Guys.. I am working on completing knowledge and i am stuck at western guard camp... I can t find the ogre he escaped...there are just 4 soldiers injured... It is a bug? Another question does Chuck Laurie is in the game?
  2. Thanks guys, love the comunity!
  3. Guys i am new.. How can i make my +15 yuria green to blue..
  4. I have the same issue... Hope is not a bug
  5. Ok thanks man, your the best!!!
  6. Thanks... But they are 50-52 is gonna take a whilr for 55.99. Another question, sry i am new to the game.. Is 86 and 140 low al for finishing end quest? How to improve gear.. My gear can t be enchanted.. I have 120 weapon black stones..
  7. Guys, where do you farm? I am 53 and beat giants.. But slow xp.. Thanks!
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