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  1. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR WITCHES AND WIZARDS ONLY. Can be some exemptions in gear score if you do well in the pvp test
  2. Discord. All guilds use discord if there decent. Its no on xbox either. You either use a phone or tablet and earbuds or a pc. tis the only way. Even if bdo comms worked, it would be a mad house talking over each other
  3. Imagine pve players feeling alienated in a pvp game. Thats crazy lol
  4. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Your three years behind. Your not going for the gear they are. Your not paying billions for 2 ap. Where PC is the incentive has to be larger. That being said was sad to see no leveling event at all. Just the precreation event.
  5. You could try but it wont do anything. Like others have said, they force you to compete for resources on purpose. Thats the whole point. It drives the core concept of the PvP game your playing. And you know... the whole MASS multiplayer thing lol
  6. Never sell boss gear. Use them for fail stacks or backups. So you have something to hit tet and pens on without breaking your gear
  7. First. Switch to a monitor. Tv gaming is terrible. Second its definitely safe. If you dont turn it off id suggest setting it to sleep when idle. Once xbox kicks into afk mode where your friends pop up it wills end the monitor into idle
  8. Zerker mains in kill the man with the ball. LMAO
  9. If your wanting people to get more serious and involved with PvP like you say and are trying with these guild war events you guys at PA have got to start taking it serious. First nodes dont need to be worth 1/8th the base rate they are on Pc. Yall have shoved 2 years once kama is out of content onto the xbox. Let the node wars have it too. If your trying to catch us up stop holding us back. Give us the money were earning. And higher paying nodes mean more guilds inclined to do war Second. WE NEED GUILD PING. Put it on a ring menu, make it X + Y who cares. We need it. Ive noticed the Xbox population as a whole struggles to navigate the map much more then the pc population did when I played. Every new person has issues with the clunky menus and slower time it takes to navigate. WE NEED GUILD PINGING THIRD. PLATOONS. As much as ive noticed people really need guild ping to direct them to target, the group arrows also help. One big platoon allows for much easier coordination and teamwork. Again it seems to be alot harder for the xbox population to use small multiple 5 man parties. I know youve said these things are coming, but Id suggest you bump them up and focus hard on them. These are very important aspects were lacking in the guild war scene and ones that seem to matter much more to BDX then it did PC BDO
  10. Boy. The amount we get for nodes when new stuff hits the market is crazy. Taxes boost the node / conquest payouts by ALOT. everything you do in the game in the end fuels end game pvp. Also, during that great conquest update, you will be getting pvped. Your boat will be attacked and boarded. You will be murdered. Thats not an all pve update. There blood altar which is a pve mini game. Just like the last one we had only you fight with your toon instead of use towers and muskets. Its just a mini game.. and dlc content other then the port in minigames always comes with open world pvp
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