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  1. MakeumRage

    Awakening showcase/stream prior to launch

    They have reached out to some smaller streamers recently.. not sure what will come of it but it is very good to see. Id say stay tuned. It seems the toxicity of the current partners might have got out and PA realizes they should help grow and establish the xbox community more instead of back old pc streamers exclusively.
  2. MakeumRage

    Not receiving all guild login rewards

    You can only claim two if you missed a day to catch up. Also your guild must have enough people.
  3. MakeumRage

    Zkarka is an abomination to this game

    On pc not everyone gets a latent aura. Also stand on kzarkas feet. Get as close as possible (; bet your drops go up
  4. MakeumRage

    Inventory error

    Sounds to me like you had a value pack, the items were in the free slots the value pack gave you, and it ran out with those items there and now you cant use them. Is that the case?
  5. MakeumRage

    Pvp changes

    Think you got the game backwards bud. Karma bombing is when someone doesnt leave your grind spot and forces you to spend karma to kill and clear them so you can get adequate drops. The karma bomber is the guy that keeps coming back knowing he cant win the fight. Not the guy doing the killing. Lmao
  6. MakeumRage

    The Guild Member is invalid

    We also cannot set allowances. Officers. And members. Contracts valid. Same server.
  7. MakeumRage


    No the original definition of p2w is still the same definition. Being able to buy something not available without cash that instantly gives you an advantage. Being able to buy something anyone else can get on the market and CHANCE a safe upgrade you can make unsafe or with backups doesnt fit any of this. At the end of the day you can blow 10k and not get one upgrade. The only p2w in this game is hedgehog, crystal, and weight/inventory. Gear does not fit that dont be idiots. Make backups or go in so you never downgrade. 100 sharps 500 blackstones. 1000 mem frags without artisans 250 with for each tet piece. Thats my safe enhance. I either get gains or stay the same. Sure it takes longer initially but the idea is you get the gain before you run outta resources and have reserves for the next piece
  8. MakeumRage


    If they release archer people gunna quit 🤣
  9. MakeumRage


    Did it in 20 minutes last time 🤣
  10. MakeumRage

    Hot time?

    Well texh there is a visible buff at the top left next to your levels and stats
  11. MakeumRage

    CC'S are broken

    Super Armor and Battle Arena. Super Armor mitigates damage and prevents control effects. Tech battle arena is in the game already location wise. Ability to transport and engage there is not. So it functions like RBF where is a menu option you select amd teleport to. Once there its a large arena with pvp where RBF 1 coin potions can be bought and used. Its what we need to instantly get to each other to practice and learn in a large playspace thatse easy to access
  12. MakeumRage

    CC'S are broken

    Learn the classes and system. Learn your SA rotation (youve got alot more then most) and spend less time in the forums talking about and complaining about things you dont understand also. Start complaining theres no BA for you to easily practice and learn. Maybe theyll bring it out soon if more people talk about it.
  13. MakeumRage

    Ssd disc

    Ssd. But load times way better from og to x too. I use both. The og is for afk Always standard. 4k limits your frames. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA500B/dp/B073GZBT36/ref=mp_s_a_1_15?keywords=ssd+for+xbox&qid=1558480869&s=gateway&sr=8-15 No issues with mine
  14. MakeumRage

    Ssd disc

    Game loads faster. Sometimes no load screen at all when switching characters. Towns and npcs load in faster. And a slight bump in frames. Mostly saves on load times. Its the real p2w for bdx pvp. Deff node wars. Its a game changer. You might catch some lodscreens in my oast videos from my twitch listed in my profile if your curious
  15. Some of the classes literally eat the entire arena basically with aoe.. not to mention finding an empty one to use is a bit of a stretch in prime time. Noone mentions the battle arena, and its honestly one of the best things in the game we dont have yet. We need it bad. Sooooo many people dont even understand the classes or mechanics yet. If theu did this topic wouldnt have even been posted tbh.