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  1. MakeumRage

    Black Desert Version 1.3

    We neeeeed the Battle Arena!
  2. MakeumRage

    Karma Should Be Removed

    That would make the whole point of going red mute and the joys for it.. also remove the whole point of the bandit city just for red players.. not to mention the whole valencia update and jail system mute... just play the game and enjoy it. Stop trying to change it.
  3. MakeumRage

    <Apex> Recruiting

    [[ WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY LOOKING FOR LEVEL 55+ 310GS+ ONLY MEMBERS ]] Click the discord link for more info on how to join. https://discord.gg/uEtM9W8 - Welcome to APEX. A community driven PvP based guild. We focus on working together to win, and having fun along the way. We are made up of vets and new players and will help anyone needing it. - Rules 1. Must join discord 2. Dont be a jerk 3. Must meet requirements set by guild for gear and levels 4. Must show up to 60% or more of the GvGs and NodeWars 5. Time away for IRL is understood but you must get with the GM - We will do weekly guild events such as guild boss scrolls, PvP (Either GvG, Arena training or Node Wars), and more. Guild Pay is strictly based on merit and contribution and will be rewarded via weekly bonuses and other methods.
  4. MakeumRage

    Ease up on the censorship lol

    Just allow us to turn it all the way off.
  5. MakeumRage

    Equipment Tailoring Coupon release?

    I mean you dont necc need it. U can wear the clothes to RP just wont have any armor lol. When you use the p2w crystal you melt the clothes.
  6. MakeumRage

    Equipment Tailoring Coupon release?

    ^this. Gib Pay2Win crystal
  7. MakeumRage

    Fair Event Times

    They have two of them now. If your upset about these events wait till ndoe wars. You wont even be able to play end game because its 9pm est everyday.
  8. MakeumRage

    Pre mediah drop system

    That loot system is trash. It severely cuts your income oer hour and your drop rates. It never should have been int he game to start with. All it did was bottle neck and keep us from advancing. Buy pets and support the game. Its not a 10$ game its a 200$ game to play right. And if you dont want to pay that, press Y. Never had a problem on xbox or pc with tier 4 pets on agile.
  9. MakeumRage


    So. Let me help you out. Never where agerian. Its a money dump and a waste of time. Its single piece requirements break the bonuses your first piece of boss gear. Not only that it has one crystal slot ensuring you have to replace it. Then youve spent time and money on a useless set. The build is and always will be 2pc heve 2pc grunil.
  10. MakeumRage

    Untill We Meet Again

    Thanks boss, double checked. The issue is ive completed that quest and all others. Im completely done when posting with every other main quest. This is the only one that shows for me.
  11. MakeumRage

    Slight Improvements to Life skilling

    Consoles dont burn out. Thats an incorrect and silly statement that leads to reiculous notions. Mines been on for over two years straight. No issues. Many others the same as we use them for media center devices. Dont be so worried and leave the dang thing running or get left behind. The whole point is to keep people logged into the game. Changing that defeats PAs purpose
  12. MakeumRage

    Dedicated "Get my HP bar out of my face" Thread

    How in the world is an hp and resource bar in a pvp game irrelovent?!? What in the heck are yall smoking
  13. MakeumRage

    Untill We Meet Again

    😂 mans coulda just answered but posted a youtube plug.
  14. MakeumRage

    Untill We Meet Again

    So its just always gunna be there chillen? Thats annoying.
  15. MakeumRage

    Untill We Meet Again

    Cant complete this quest.. if i follow navigation it takes me to an npc with no prompts. Its the last quest i need in the main line. anyone help?