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  1. MakeumRage

    In-game guild voice chat

    Was answered already. Just had to hit cntrl f on the ama...
  2. MakeumRage

    Question on classes

    F wonder what it will be. Just content drops then? Or maybe events and mini modes like the BR and Monster hunting game and arsha and stuff
  3. MakeumRage

    Question on classes

    1. No 2. Not yet, but they said they will publish a roadmap with details soon
  4. MakeumRage

    What class will you be playing

    There isnt one. Many vet player realized they didnt have enough once reblams and jins hit.
  5. MakeumRage

    What class will you be playing

    Two words. Skill points.
  6. MakeumRage

    In terms of balance what patch will we be on?

    Same balance. This was on the AMA
  7. MakeumRage

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Karma bombers are the ones that cant win the fight but keep coming, the red players are not the karma bombers. There the ones being bombed. Or mostly just players who like open world pvp. Most players can deal with bombers without going red lol. Karma bombers arent evil, but they are completely void of skill and intelligence.
  8. MakeumRage

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    Release date isnt the fourth for alot of us. Check your version of the game, and your region against the others to see when game will be up in your area. Wagons are great. They provide additional storage in a town also they help you get around weight limits while grinding. I used mine in kama for all of my elixirs. However the costume isnt that great. Its not armor. Its cosmetic. The horse one has great benefits but i cant remember if the wagon does extra speed or anything. I mever bought one lol
  9. MakeumRage

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    I pointed out thats how we deal with karma bombers. Lol. But also its worth noting your gear doesnt always downgrade. Its based off the amount of red you are and only has a higher oercwntage the further red you go. And it also increases the amount of items that will downgrade. 1 mill negative, the most i ever lost was two weapons and one piece of armor. Its really not punishing at all if you dont go over tri. Its said it wont deenhance less then pri.. ive never seen it but ive seen some say its happened to them
  10. MakeumRage

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    Maids use town storage yes. They will use whatever storage you are cloest to. Sausans uses altinova for example. As you hover or on xbox id guess move over an item, it will say. Some say turn X in for X coins. Some just say a worth to npc. Nothing is useless. Majority or spot money comes from selling drops. Even the ones that dont turn in for gold bars are were you make your money. You save them up and when you get 25kish you go sell. These can bu dumped by maids, or overstacked on a horse. Only one item can be placed on a horse if overstacking. Basicaly mever trash anything. And anything that can be sold to market should be saved for enhancing free or for lifeskilling. Dont sell anything. This is why max weight and inventory are huge in bdo and how they sell a great dlc packed game for so cheap.
  11. MakeumRage

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Jail doesnt last a few hours... or even an hour if you chose not to escape. What game you playing...? Ships and horses respawn. They dont permenatet die. Its also a quick way to deal with karma bombers who are useless. Cut off there drop zone they got no where to store and run back. YES. Back im the day when all you had to do was tap a boss to get drops everyone brought low alts. They would drop like flys. Now you have to do a certain damage so people bring kitted toons so its a little more difficult.
  12. MakeumRage

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Red player hunting is mainly done in the desert. Theres basically no punishment to being perma red in desert and it has awesome drops. Once you learn how to get outta jail it can be done in a few minutes. I fully condome hunting red players lmao. Specially in the desert. Playing cops and bandits is fun as heck
  13. MakeumRage

    Node Wars

    yeah id bet nothing changes.
  14. MakeumRage

    Trading between characters

    Both higher skill gap players! Get those bandaids on then thumbs and get that practice in! Lmao beta was too easy tbh since noone had there skill sets to do effective damage. (If you even pvp)
  15. MakeumRage

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    Maids can be used every 15 mins once. They can dump items or money. Only certain amounts though. Its not unlimited and based of a standard weight i believe. If you have multiple, you can dump your entire inventory and never have to run to town. Multiple means more dumps every 15 mins. They dont vanish but they are hidden when not in use lol. There permenant and not one time use if thats what you mean