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  1. MakeumRage

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    There is a quest requiring you to complete it before you gain any level above 49.99. you can TRY to earn additional XP but it will not be given. No matter the source you cannot earn anymore until you complete the quest. Your locked until finishing it. See my post above, PvP can be avoided easily, by understanding you cannot grind, gather, quest, or even be near a spot another player wants if you dont want to fight. So as long as you dont mind leaving, or asking the player if its okay to be ther you wont have an issue. The amount of players that shoot on sight is usually low no matter the platform. They want to save that karma for someone who wont leave or wants to compete against them or a rival guild. But if it does happen, just leave the area or server and you shouldnt have an issue. Just dont think because "your there first" or "just trying to finish a quest" mean your entitled to that spot. In BDO, most things are geared towards PvP and in BDO you fight for your area.
  2. MakeumRage

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    This is mainly a PVP game. It wont be for all, you can avoid some PvP by staying perma protected in a guild. BUT NEVER EVER think the karma will protect you. strong players will go red for excitement and because they just know you cant kill them. Also, many who enjoy killing people have alternate accounts and characters to keep from going red.. THIS ALL BEING SAID.. If your not in a well known guild, and simply leave the area when asked.. you wont encounter forced PvP too much.. at most youll be killed once (that has no effect on you) and then respawn in which you can change servers or areas.. As long as you go on your way you wont have too many issues. I know lifeskillers that play and only enjoy that aspect. They simply leave when asked or see someone flag up. They hardly get bothered. Most people just PvP to own the spot or for the thrill of it.. If you simply leave and dont talk trash in chat about it they wont care to fight you.
  3. Heve is sold by blacksmith in Heidel.
  4. MakeumRage

    Where to use blue keys?

    so far only adds that give a but ton of xp and money.. and a few red chests
  5. MakeumRage

    Where to use blue keys?

    you mean serendia shrine? where kzarka spawns?
  6. MakeumRage

    Where to use blue keys?

    Ive found many red key chests to use my red key, but have yet found a way or where to use the blue keys. Help please?!
  7. Heve or Heve and Grunil depending on flavor. Weapons vary by class.
  8. MakeumRage

    Shacknews Interview with [CM] Simon from E3

    seems he means really well and full of energy.. if only theyd give my mans some more slack.. lol
  9. MakeumRage

    How are hard classes going to be?

    hotbar is terrible.. drains resources. thinking they need to remove that from console and give us the option to assign skils to buttons or combos
  10. MakeumRage

    How are hard classes going to be?

    lul. given that last video @King Aion posted i wouldnt expect anything you just said to be true at all.
  11. MakeumRage

    The Good, Bad and The Ugly

    LMAO WORST ABILITY LAYOUT EVER. A JOKE. Why even showcase that? Thats a dang MEME. It takes three seconds to select a skill.... lmao. For the love of god atleast allow people to map skill to synergys (x + y) The state of the game looks like its almost made to just do two attacks haha. Who wants to take 3 seconds or select a skill from a wheel? TF is wrong with you PA. Quite honestly Id rather you scrap skills then do something like this.
  12. These guys do it duo with one geared carry and full ambrosia and mara buffs.. EZ carry. Doesnt even need the event either if your in one of the two new places.. RIP skyreach.
  13. You should tell the four streamers and my two friends who switched to PC and all have done it in a week or two.. lol. Now as a new player you couldnt, but a player who knows enough starting again or on new system yes. EZ. The ambrosia and catch up mechanics are insane. its crazy being maxxed out for a year or more and not even playing lol.
  14. MakeumRage


    For life, Only thing i might add is im pretty sure its only for characters over 56 and up on pc (says it when i mouse over) so obviously thatll be different on xbox.
  15. Cant remember the last time i saw someone go over 20 trying to make a boss piece go through... eould be very hillarious. Can remember 50 times this week ive watched somone or myself make 30+ stacks off a 14 tho. Same game, your missing out on a lot of learning. Only difference is itll takes you 6 months to a year to get the full thing. Also, you just rolling over and accepting a bare bones games means youll be behind even further with content because instead of the new content you get the old, already created stuff. Also, takes about a week or 50 hours to get max level and cp in eso these days... its nothing even simular to the grind in bdo. Gear wise you can get 15 sets to max level in the time YOU MIGHT get one piece in bdo. Ive never been apart of a single beta or alpha that didnt either have the content shown in trailers or a roadmap / release date stating when they would. And i actually work part time as a game tester for supplemental income. So this is the first time for me. Id never touch a +14 with the intent on it succeeding with anything over 20. Id never touch a 50 stack on anything but tets and tri gold accesories either. I almost cried when i saw you post that... btw- my +14 urgons made 256 fails starting at 15 and ending at 21 before going through... giath was around 100 fails same start and end stacks. Every single one of my tets were less then 20 fails. So i guess difficulty is RNG just like success then huh (;