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  1. HP REGEN LMAO. also.. hes not considered the worlds best sorc at all... thats your opp. Why waste time grinding solo when he barely has gear and its 10 times slower? lol. Its a group area, first one in bdo. Its designed for the adds to die within seconds and loot drops for everyone. Why would you expect to survive? Also your gear is VERY low so of course youll die fast.. your barely geared for Valencia, only efficient to do half of it. xbox doesnt use bluetooth... Either way, if your not smart enough to change your batteries when it pops up then die. Youll learn next time to be better prepared. Games all about risk vrs reward. If you find you have issues... stay at sausans. even in tri you wont die ina battery change lol. Also, if this is ever implemented im having my entire guild unplug controller between pas... js.
  2. Best solo and group pvp class?

    Ranger not so good anymore as it struggles desperately since the nerf. Mystic is weak, sustained damage and tanky but very low damage. And the poor valks... they have no damage at all after last patch lmao. Strikers are jokes pretty much now to, theyve been nerfed so hard. DKS need 520gs and above to be relevant. Of course everything matters less with class choice after 240-250 ap
  3. Sea combat

    As with all the lifeskills, you wont see any good returns from it until artisan level. It will take months to get there unless its all you do. Also, you have to be geared out as with all life skills.. the correct pole at a decent level, the correct costume at a decent level, the correct float, the correct pets, and the correct buffs. If you have all of this done its maybe third highest afk thing to do... But it is by far the easiest and longest lasting. Going to be away for 3-5 hours, process, cook or do alchemy. Longer periods I do fishing as it last the whole time gone.
  4. Traveling

    You cant attack someones horse without engaging in combat with the player.. so a good way to handle someone in your spot is ALTC up, hit the player and run to the mount and delete it. The way inventory and weight works without your mount your not grinding anymore.
  5. Safe Mode?

    They wont stay, and they shouldnt. ESO is full of casual no skillers. This wasnt always the case, but it was bound to happen with the bland and simple combat and multiple proc sets allowing anyone with a right trigger to do okay damage... the nail in the coffin was lowering the ceiling and raising the floor with morrowind and thats when the lost the bulk of their pvp population. Alot of the top tier players are already on bdo now and some will be making the move back to xbox. ESOs pvp population will die. The servers have went from 250 players an alliance at launch, down to 75 an alliance currently. Thats why your campaigns still look full, theyve lowered the max players. Now theres ways to cheese this and thats why youll see alot more then that on one alliance but it remains the same. Soft cap for teams is 75 a piece. Fact of the matter is, theres no pve in this game. Grinding mobs doesnt count and you usually dont go an hour at any reasonable spot without it turning into PvP anyways. They wont balance anything, as I dont think theyll stay very long. Nor do I think PA cares if they do, its not there target audience. The game doesnt change around players that arent meant for the game. The focus will stay as always, improving the PvP experience.
  6. Traveling

    15 min horse rides would kill me... bought a t8 before i even had tri armor lol. Travel times are the worst. T8 is best investment ive made in bdo.
  7. Sea combat

    No life skills are good for boats. Theres a sailing lifeskill line that allows you to do skills on certain boats. And theres a fishing skill line. The other skill lines will allow you to make the boats / fishing pole or upgrade them but it wont help you use them.
  8. Safe Mode?

    If they added a safe mode a thousand times over more people wont play / will quit. Mostly everyone who knows about bdo knows its a pvp only game for the most part. Thats what there looking for.
  9. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    Have an american buy it for you. Dont think its against xbox tos to purchase a game for someone..
  10. Best solo and group pvp class?

    Gear means alot more then it use to forsure. And they sort of killed any reason to spec into hybrid or dp pieces since the higher your ap the better your dp. It makes you more tank to go full ap then use any dp booster
  11. Hmm your full tet? Im too pieces shy and they dont hurt me near that much. Also 226 ap and higher ap means your more tanky. So your ap would matter. Most people have more then me. Ima wiz and there not that tanky. I wonder what makes the difference? Do you have urgons?
  12. Best solo and group pvp class?

    Ehh. I like the extra tankyness of players. Im not a fan of 15second end game fights. Its a wierd system, ill give you that. But something needed to change.. just not sure this was a good way to go.
  13. Best solo and group pvp class?

    Have you seen there ult now..? Its broken as crap! Lol https://clips.twitch.tv/AltruisticBlindingBillYee hes pretty geared, but so sre the guys getting one shotted. With thenew system thats kinda crazy. Everyone so much more tankier
  14. Best solo and group pvp class?

    Mystic and striker got there ultys buffed! But yeah. I think rangers will come back on top at the end of these changes for solo pve. And oddly enough, i think tamers might take top solo pvp.
  15. Safe Mode?

    ^ under 50 if you dont want to fight. No risk, small rewards.