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    PVE servers will be here in July.

    Boy. The amount we get for nodes when new stuff hits the market is crazy. Taxes boost the node / conquest payouts by ALOT. everything you do in the game in the end fuels end game pvp. Also, during that great conquest update, you will be getting pvped. Your boat will be attacked and boarded. You will be murdered. Thats not an all pve update. There blood altar which is a pve mini game. Just like the last one we had only you fight with your toon instead of use towers and muskets. Its just a mini game.. and dlc content other then the port in minigames always comes with open world pvp
  2. MakeumRage

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    Remove this post. Noone wants it
  3. MakeumRage

    Lower PvP lvl req to 39

    Plz emable pvp for the lowbies!
  4. MakeumRage

    New PVP modes.

    The RBF are ranked. We just cant see it yet. Also there are team battles that are ranked. 3v3. And arena of arsha. Guild rent it out to host controlled even player picked teams. Those last two will come eventually.
  5. MakeumRage

    PVP Suggestions

    No you should not and will never get to damage equally with a player whose spent time in the game. Take your low geared no knowledge self to a weaker rotation if you cant hold it. No combat should ever last more then a few seconds with skilled players. Most likely hes in tri gear and understands what Super Armor rotation and cc chain mechanics are. Because he spent his time learning and practicing while you spent yours crying for equality in the forums to make up for your lack of skill in a PvP based game. Getttt outttaaa here with this mess. How about a real change, make you pass a pvp test to venture further in the game. If you aint ready you take ya self back to the imps in balenos and practice.
  6. MakeumRage

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    250 max karma loss. I say bring it. No protection for anyone any level. LUL. WHY SHOULD U BE REWARDED IN PVP EQUALLY AS SOMEONE WHO SPENDS TIME OR MONEY IN GAME. LMAOOO
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    Shai Class

    You die in 2 seconds to good people. The heal is crap other then in a regroup in a game like bdo where the fight doesnt last 5 seconds. Its a crap heal. No where near a witch wiz that is for utility and wont save your life.
  8. MakeumRage

    Shai Class

    Healer and buff bot. Weak pve clear speed and pvp damage. Not even close to other classes. Professional gathering and alchemy not master. Bubble blocks damage coming in and prevents entry and exit. Currently bit of everything to buff friends but not best at anything. Better buff and heals from witches and valks.
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  10. APEX is looking for members interested in PvP and serious about node wars. We are a well oriented group that has been together since beta. One of the few guilds that havent lost leadership or its core since launch. We know what were doing, where we wanna go and how we want to get there. Were happy for pvpers on all levels to join us but basic knowledge of class and mechanics of combat is required. REQUIREMENTS: - 450+ GEARSCORE (AWK AP + DP) we understand some people are still working on AWK AP. Please feel free to apply still as long as you have atleast a duo if your pre awk ap + dp is 450 (exceptions can be made for Witch, Wizard, Warrior and Valks) - Level 58+ - Discord is mandatory; for nodewars, GvGs, and keeping up to date with guild - General class knowledge and mechanic knowledge (You will be subject to a combat trial. You dont have to win but do have to demonstrate class knowledge and mechanic knowledge. We may throw some info at you if your struggling and see if you can use it to improve on sight) - Ability to make nodewars on Thursday, Friday and Sunday (we take this seriously and want folks showing up to all three and take attendance, and anyone not maintaining 2/3 on average a month will not stay 2/3 is to allow for irl things that come up, not to be on the game and skip war What we offer: - FAIR PAYOUTS AT 1 BILL GUILD FUNDS EVERY TIME - Missions and decs upon request on home server - All combat buffs and some lifeskill buffs - Class training - Support in combat to hold rotations - Friendly organized guild that takes member feedback and votes on matters. Were lead by a collective of officers not just ONE GM. Its OUR guild not mine, his, or hers. - Stability (been here, will be here) IF INTERESTED. PLEASE JOIN DISCORD, CHANGE YOUR NAME TO YOUR FAMILY NAME ( or list it if you dont know how) , AND POST A PICTURE OF YOUR PROFILE SCREEN. An officer will get with you from there. https://discord.gg/fcjDpuK
  11. MakeumRage

    Fixing Open World PvP for Xbox

    Pvp game. Most commonly accepted aspect for rework is lessening the karma loss or losing no karma for repeated kills on the same target. Not the other way around. You dont like it, quit. Stop trying to make a pvp game more pve. Its annoying. Get good, stay 49 or just learn to run.
  12. MakeumRage

    The Gosphy pet... Wow.

    Deff shoulda made it just a blob lol. Noone will actually use a t1 pet.
  13. MakeumRage

    The Gosphy pet... Wow.

    Its almost half the cost of upgrading pets. Its a discount item offered to players who've purchased pets in packs they cant upgrade. Hedgehogs, polar bears, bunnies. Instead of having to wait (as there often limited time) or spend extra on a whole pack, you can buy these guys cheaper then the packs cost to enhance those pets. Also can be used for event pets. Thats his purpose. Its cheap. And effective. Hes not made to be used as a tier1 pet, nor should any pet be t1 tbh.. hes for smashing. As for not keeping his appearance well it says that right in the store details. That part does suck hes snazzy looking
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    Always next time! Gl out there
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    If your looking to join a nodewar guild and meet the reqs apex will have you. We are laid back BUT SERIOUS about showing up. War days are thursday friday and sunday and your expected to show up to stay. 450+gs and 58+ level
  16. MakeumRage

    Best offhand for pvp?

    Not a one shot in either video... thats one combo. Every class does that. But found the videos very informative. Combo video can be a bit off for xbox as lack of frames / desync prevent some. Thanks for the share! Ultimately you need both. Depending on what meta xbox goes with and the player your fighting. If you go against DR targets with nothing into evasion you could get far less damage on them with bronze as you overstack accuracy. Evasion targets stacking it heavy, youll get no damage with steel.
  17. MakeumRage

    Doubt about beer box

    We literally have the pc build. They just turn on / off stuff for xbox.
  18. MakeumRage

    When someone enters your rotation lol

    ahh ok true that. Aint seen many around or on nodes lately.
  19. MakeumRage

    Ranger Combo Perma Stuck

    Can confirm this. And you still take damage too. Although character swap is what i use to fix it.
  20. MakeumRage

    AP vs Awk AP

    You right. Its 30%. Plus any crystals you have carry over.
  21. MakeumRage

    Lost Ethan the butler and Maid

    Put maids on your hot bar. Open with hotbar button you placed it on. Say hello to your maid.
  22. MakeumRage

    When someone enters your rotation lol

    Finally know his in game name 🧐😏 side note, shield wall still a thing or yall just coping buffs?
  23. MakeumRage

    Inventory locked

    Yikes im broke. Lol but a ticket for them to move your inventory might work? Only way i ever fixed it on pc was to rebuy lol. But we also had them on the marketplace
  24. MakeumRage

    Pearl Items selling and buying in Game items

    First. Highest preorder gets dibs on anything lower. So the 500 guys before still get a taste of that 900 sale. Always bid highest for this reason. Youll only make 900 but they get the item for preordering at a 1000 regardless. Second, due to the way the market works you can never ensure who gets the preorder. Dont ever do it. Also i believe as the guy before said, that applys to things like posting on a site saying youll post kutum on market for 20usd. Not saying ill post a costume if u sell a kutum. Chnaces are you both wind up with nothing
  25. MakeumRage

    Inventory locked

    Buy another value pack. Problem solved.