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  1. Am I the only one? I have been getting multiple crashes per day. Sometimes back to back crashes after attempting to log back in. In some cases it seems to be related to when I open the map and close it.
  2. I am attempting to combine rings to get fail stacks using enhancment but i get the message that cron stones are required
  3. I started a guild but I am not seeing where any of my members get paid. Is this feature in the game and if so how does it work? Are there guild size requirements?
  4. This game has been enjoyable to me so far. It seems there are a lot of content adds planned. I tried the version on the PC and there is more content to look forward too.
  5. I am actually more concerned about all the servers being shown as crowded during off times and then all of them being overrun during my peak play times. The sad thing is that they have already added twice as many servers as they launched with. I think they need to stay ahead of the demand. When a server is overrun, the rate at which I am experiencing bugs and disconnects seems to increases significantly. I wonder if they are at the max amount of servers that they can scale up to at the moment or if they have additional plans to expand.
  6. This happened to me and one of my friends. Someone was spamming us with guild invites and even though we clicked no, we still somehow got added to the guild.
  7. I used the same workaround and it solved the issue at least temporarily. I find the longer I am logged continuously the more likely I will encounter this bug.
  8. I am having a similiar bug some of my assignments are not drawing but I can still use them.
  9. I am getting game crash when I look at the knowledge menu. It doesn't happen every time but enough so that I stopped reviewing my knowledge completions.
  10. That seems to be the case for my pearl items as well.
  11. My Quest HUD disappeared after I completed the main Black Spirit Questline
  12. Wow thought this was my new controller. So yeah guess I am having the same issue.
  13. I was surprised to discover all of these bug reports on the forums. Not because it is unusual to have bugs during launch of a game but they are not reflective of the gameplay that I have experienced so far. I started at 3 a.m. on Friday with four friends and the $100 pre-release and have been happy with how polished the general game-play seems to be. I have over 30 assigned workers now and am level 51 with my main. In the past, I have dropped 100's of dollars on pre-releases to get early access only to be met with horribly buggy gameplay and sometimes unplayable games.This has resulted in drastically lowered expectations for games I purchase. So when I encounter a game that has some polished gameplay and I can glean some actual joy from playing the game, I tend to ignore any of the less desirable aspects of the release. Kudos to Jamie Foxx for holding game companies to a higher standard. If I order a Pizza from a Pizza Shop I should probably be upset if they deliver me a box of crumbs. Unfortunately, I am now the type of person who would eat the crumbs, not complain, and just be happy I didn't starve. I am speaking metaphorically about the games, of course. On a positive note, since i have played the game, the servers have had GMs and CMs in game answering questions and addressing concerns. They have added double the amount of servers since launch. They are giving the impression that they are attempting to address the bugs as they come in.
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