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  1. someone said fights in a row with no deaths count too dont know if its true
  2. mine runs fine OG xbox one S 2 yr old nearly
  3. i cant see it ever being on its feet there are Gaps in this game gear wise bigger than Australia
  4. mine said 45/71 that's gutting 😢
  5. they should of just released it all at once then nobody would of had an advantage
  6. some TVs when they turn off turn off your Xbox too
  7. witch 1.4K skill points lvl 58 nearly 59 1 tri helmet rest duo inc liv cant get anything to tri 😢
  8. its easier to say whats not bad: Nothing
  9. if there more bad things than good with this game its not going to survive atm this is just a honeymoon period for BDO on game pass and all the "moaning" is proof that it wont last.
  10. i jumped in and run around to quickly get out ASAP lol way too strong atm
  11. is there anything you ever agree with lmao
  12. all dying games goto game pass cant believe this is here already RIP join the ranks of ARK
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