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  1. Raider16


    Will you recruit every blood Legion guild eu members now that is dead ?
  2. Logiquement tu es bon alors ^^
  3. Enregistre toi sur le site qu’azuki a link, sois sur de mettre une email ou tu es sur d’avoir l’age Requis. 😌
  4. You can join the discord, it is pretty dead 🙍‍♀️https://discord.gg/6RvftvT
  5. Bro you don’t have to be active in here to turn crazy waiting the game 🤣🤣
  6. Well I wouldn’t be surprised but ppl will get crazy if the beta is delayed. People, including me are bored of waiting for something that doesn’t come out when it was supposed to. It really kills the hype. Now I just hope the game will be really well optimized after all those delays.
  7. Personally I will play in eu but if it’s possible to make an alt in na for tournaments etc. I will join you na friends with pleasure
  8. It’s ok, Xbox has always been a great community to play with. Bored of 12 years old french kids on PlayStation
  9. And less players means more chance to be number 1 player. EZ
  10. The biggest issue with Xbox on eu is the communication. Sony is like omnipresent in comparaison. But it doesn’t mean eu servers will be empty. Of course na are more since it’s the main country for Xbox.
  11. @Astolti You have to consider that the game is still not available. And nothing concret was said by developers itself so I would wait before taking a decision
  12. Bro Xbox is nothing compare to PlayStation in eu
  13. Salut, à vous. Il y a actuellement un discord qui regroupe tout les joueurs qu’ils soient de toutes nationalités. Tu peux toujours rejoindre. Il y a encore des personnes sans guildes. https://discord.gg/dFSgnzy .Plus si tu pouvais link ton club Xbox je serais ravis de rejoindre. A plus sur bdo.
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