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  1. I'm currently experiencing this same issue, no amount of relogs or re-installs has fixed it. I submitted a ticket but the response I got to it was less than satisfactory and didn't really give any comprehensible answer.
  2. You can switch servers by going into your xbox setting and changing your region in the “location” option. Beware you’ll have to start from square one when you switch.
  3. Live on Mixer or up late playing BDO

  4. My GT/Channel on Mixer is Nohbuhl. I'm attempting to stream mostly BDO consistently throughout my journey of trying to get better at it. I have a schedule but I might be changing it soon due to the fact that I've messed up my sleep habit by staying up for so long to play BDO; most of the time I'll be streaming @ or around 5. Any pointers and tips are greatly appreciated. Not currently looking for a guild but I wold love help with building my own. mixer.com/Nohbuhl Feel free to come check me out! :]
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