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  1. I have no idea what discord is. I've heard of it but..... 🙃
  2. Just in general tbh. I'm very new and there is so much to it. I'm in a guild and they do help, but I like to read through things too 😁.
  3. Does anyone know any good guides that are worth a read? Preferably ones that talk about the Xbox version. Cheers in advance!
  4. I might join. I'm new to BD and I work long hours, but I'm loving the game so far. Only regular day I can be on is Sundays and most days after 1900 GMT. I'm UK based and I'm 34 😁. Xbox gamer tag is Lemming24. Can't remember my characters names. I love creating new characters, mainly to figure out what I want to be. At the moment I'm liking Wizard.
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